10 Reasons Why You’ll Fail a Job Interview

World Executives Digest | Homer Nievera | 10 Reasons Why You’ll Fail a Job Interview | When going to an interview, make sure that you don’t commit mistakes that fail you in landing that elusive dream job. Most applicants are coming from all walks of like. Some candidates might be excellent, some are quite okay, but most often, many are poor at performing at interviews.

Most often, it’s the fundamental things that candidates fail to get right. Don’t focus too much on getting the job. Focus on the interview first.  Small things like this are what matters most when applying for a job. Sometimes we fail to realize that interviews have a significant impact on how others perceive us. A successful interview would be the next best thing, when landing an elusive dream job. Once you’ve got a good feel for how to land a dream job then consider talking with CulverCareers and their sales talent headhunters who might be able to help you land that job.

We compiled 10 reasons why candidates fail at interviews. Many of these are from my own experience (number 1 is my favorite and this shocked me).

  1. Poor spelling. Believe it or not, there are candidates that apply for a managerial position, having poor spelling. It sounds ridiculous, but yes, they do exist.
  2. Poor preparation. They come to the interview or examination without having any pen.
  3. No enthusiasm for the company or the role. Examples like this are people, who are much more interested in how much they are getting than how enthusiastic they are in getting the work.
  4. Vague or uninteresting interview answers. Answers that don’t relate much to the question are most often enough reasons to ask the applicant out the door.
  5. Arriving late. Coming in late is sends a signal that the applicant will also come to work late.
  6. Being rude to the receptionist. Sometimes, the first test is through the receptionist.
  7. Smelling like a cigarette. We prefer light perfume, or just none at all.
  8. Dressed inappropriately. Come in business attire, please.
  9. Shaking hands too weakly or too strong. Don’t be too gentle or to the point that you are crushing my hand.
  10. Sitting in a too relaxed or aggressive manner. Actions speak louder than words.

Do let me know if there are any other mistakes that applicants make leading them to fail a job interview.

Homer Nievera maintains a blog on his site and writes for World Executives Digest, South of Metro, He Said/She Said, and Property Finds Asia.