10 Things You Must Do to Grow Your Online Business in the First Year

online business reputation-management-tips-for-small-businesses

Business experts believe that the e-commerce is more explosive now than ever before and more than any other sector. Basically, it means that this is the time for startups and less established businesses to firmly secure their spots online. When getting online, there are a few things that you must do to fully establish your online brand. When followed appropriately, these 10 tips can help you grow your online business within one year.

Focus on a Particular Audience

The more you define your audience, the more relevant your online store becomes. You can use free analysis tools such as Google Analytics to define your target audience. Also, you can study your direct competitors and see who they target and do the same.

Create a Great Website

A great website is defined by certain elements:

  • Easy-to-load web pages
  • Easy to navigate
  • Well organized and clickable tabs
  • Mobile compatibility

To enjoy these elements, you may find it ideal to talk to a web designer to review and test run your site before it’s launched.

Create Quality Content

A great website is complemented by quality content. High-quality web content is informative and it encourages your site visitors to revisit the site often. The content should allow the customers to interact with you through surveys, comments, and questions. Consider:

  • Researching the keywords
  • Regular blogging
  • On-page SEO

Get Social

Social media is an effective marketing tool because it allows easy account registration and you can connect to millions. Thus, you should put social buttons on your site to connect to your social media audience. If you are in the law industry, you can check out these marketing tips for attorneys and see how you can use Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and LinkedIn in your social media marketing.

Invest in Quality Mobile Applications

Considering that most searchers use their smartphone to access the internet, it’s important that you invest in mobile sites, quality apps, maps notifications, click-to-call programs, and responsive sites.

Diversify Your Business

You don’t lose anything when adding complementary products or services to your online store. On the contrary, this drives more traffic to your site.

Capitalize on Free Marketing Tools

Though it’s often expensive to market a business online, there are amazing free marketing tools that are as effective as the subscribed ones. They include Google My Business, Google+, Buffer, and Mail Chimp.

Invest in Sales Channels

You should allow your customers to enjoy shopping at your online store by offering product promotions and service offers.

Allow Subscriptions

You can consider sending your products to the customers on a monthly basis. You can employ CRM software to track the consumer data and identify what products are regularly ordered by specific customers. These are the customers to target with the subscriptions.

Ignore the Middlemen

Lastly, you don’t need the middlemen if you are running a small online business. They slow the transactions and are generally expensive. You should thus deal with the customers directly through the Website and various social media platforms.


These 10 tips are compulsory if you want to grow your online business fast. They will promote the popularity and credibility of the brand by facilitating easy searching and higher site ranking.