12 Best Productivity Apps & Online Tolls for Staying Organised

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Homerun Nievera, World Executives DigestStaying organised is the key to success, no matter who you are or what you’re doing. Being unorganised typically results in a huge loss of productivity, papers everywhere and impending deadlines creeping up on you from out of the blue. To help make your life easier, here is a list of 12 essential tools to streamline your day to day work, enabling you to be your best.


Working with multiple windows at the same time can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Magnet allows you to effortlessly rearrange and organise the windows on your desktop, enabling you to have everything you need available to you on one screen.

PDF Expert

Ever received a PDF from a client, business or supplier and thought it would be so much easier if you could simply open the PDF, edit your details and send it off without having to create a whole new PDF. This is exactly what PDF Expert sets out to do, making it as easy for you as possible.


Forest is an extremely simple app that allows you to ‘plant trees’ while your phone is locked. Simply set the length of time you want to stay off your phone, and the tree will grow. Unlock your phone, and the tree will die. Harvest your trees, and you’ll be able to spend the points on planting real trees thanks to the linked charities. This is great for teams and friendly competition between colleagues.


Looking for a decent and professional time tracking application that allows you to see exactly how you’re spending your day? That’s exactly what this app excels in. Simply enter the project you’re working on, time the number of hours you spend so you can see exactly how you need to improve and where you can save time.


Do you ever find yourself heading down to your local coffee shop and scrolling through endless feeds and cat videos when you should have been working? 1Focus is a highly effective app that allows you to chunk up your day into manageable bite-size chunks, working for half an hour or so before giving yourself a break to carry on, resulting in maximum productivity.

Big Assignments

If you’re in need of content for your website, social media profiles or small business, creating the content yourself can be both painstaking and time-consuming. With this in mind, use Big Assignments to seek the assistance of expert writers who can create the content on your behalf.


Despite the highly connected world that we live in, there are many times that we’ll still find ourselves surrounded by paper. Scanbot makes it easy to scan documents and then automatically converting it into its own document, ready for use on your computer or mobile devices.


Whether you’re trying to track how much you work, your day-to-day habits or even an existing habit such as smoking, exercising or anything else, Strides allows you to set up milestones and targets as well as notifying your throughout the day to make sure you stay on track and achieve your goals.


Working with clients, partners, teams or businesses from around the world? Timezone makes it incredibly easy to see what the time is in other parts of the world, perfect for ensuring that you’re making your calls and sending your emails at the right time, without having to waste time calling closed offices.

Paper Fellows

Writing is such a big part of everyday life, and it can be very time-consuming and unproductive if you don’t have the skills to write fluently. Sign up to Paper Fellows, and you’ll be able to communicate with expert writing teachers and students from around the world, sharing advice and techniques that can improve your skills.


The leading project management app to grace the internet, Trello is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, allowing you to handle and organise multiple projects, invite team members to collaborate and create to-do lists to ensure that everything is covered and managed to a tee.


Working productively isn’t all about work, work, work. It’s also about winding down in an easy and relaxing way. Overcast allows you to tune into the leading wellness and meditative podcasts, perfect for commuting home so you can set a defined line between work and home.


Currently, it may seem so difficult to stay focused and productive, especially with so many distractions around us all day, every day. Instead, take control of the tools that best suit you and your lifestyle, enabling you to squeeze every minute out of every day, decreasing your workload while helping you get more done.

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