3 dropshipping platforms to use for your e-commerce business

3 dropshipping platforms to use for your e-commerce business product experience Delivery Guys
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3 dropshipping platforms to use for your e-commerce business | Have you been thinking that you can start an e-commerce business only when you are a brand owner? It’s not true because not only brand owners are in the e-commerce sector but the dropshippers as well. The e-commerce concept is simple – buy and sell. People are selling in both online and physical settings. The pandemic encouraged individuals globally to set up dropshipping e-commerce stores. In this blog, 3 dropshipping platforms are discussed briefly. 

3 Dropshipping platforms

Dropshipping is the modern trend of selling products without the need for a proper business setup. Dropshipping earns you financial independence, as it boosts sales revenue and growth scale. Dropshipping may improve customers’ experiences, as time shipment is necessary. Let’s check out 3 dropshipping platforms in the context of their benefits. 

1. Oberlo

It is a dropshipping platform working in collaboration with Shopify. Sign up as a seller and sell a wide range of products. If you have access to Shopify, continue using Oberlo. The platform is open to all beginners or experts. You can start from zero, or can prefer shifting an already established e-commerce business to Oberlo. To use Oberlo, you need to link Shopify store accounts. If you don’t have one, create it because, without a Shopify account, you can’t continue.

At Oberlo, you have 3 pricing plans, and all are quite reasonable in comparison to other dropshipping platforms. Starter Plan is free of cost and allows setting up online stores (limited to five-hundred products). There are numerous features available in beginner back like no monthly order limit, inventory update, sales report, auto-importing shipment tracking number, and others. 

In the basic plan, you are charged nearly 30$ per month. Unlike the beginner plan, you can upload 10k products. It offers all the features from the beginner plan, like tracking order status, unlimited monthly orders, and sales reports. 

The premium plan costs nearly 80$ monthly. This plan is best for those who intend to create a large online store. It includes all the features from the basic plan and enables multiple account registration.

Upload products, customize, and track shipment status easily. Another interesting feature of this platform is ‘multilingual option availability’. Languages available other than English are French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. 

2. Doba

Meet your dropshipping solutions at Doba. Start selling products across multiple e-commerce sites. The company claims that sellers can access an attractive range of products to import into their store. 

The user-friendly interface of Doba allows easy navigation. Search filter feature availability makes it easier to look for particular items or suppliers. Inventory list customization is easy at Doba. Your changes are updated regularly and allow you to export data anytime. You may find multiple formats for downloading product descriptions. It is helpful as different platforms support different file formats. In this way, you also save time, and product listing gets easier. Membership charges are also reasonable. 

3. Mydepot

MyDepot is the best dropshipping platform. Whether you are interested in Amazon, or Shopify, or Wayfair, you are welcomed at the platform. On the home page, you will find the link to register. Get yourself registered if you intend to generate handsome revenue by selling products across different regions including, the US and China. 

It’s easy starting with Mydepot.com. You do product hunting, then integrate with Amazon, Shopify, or Wayfair. You sell products without facing the issues of stock management. Shipping is fast as compared to Doba and Oberlo because their inventory is stocked in the US. Quality test is secondary to shipment costs and duration. If your orders are shipped in less duration, customers are more likely to approach you again to buy the products. 


While others are busy making money, then why are you behind? E-Commerce is the best opportunity, and you should not miss it. Mydepot is the best platform among the 3 described platforms in the blog. You should comment in the section below on your experience with Mydepot.com, or if you are curious to know something else.