3 Factors to Consider When Buying Septic Tanks

3 Factors to Consider When Buying Septic Tanks | Having a septic tank installed is necessary for any home or building that is not connected to the local sewer system. The installation of septic systems is not something that can be random or unplanned.

If you are buying septic tanks now or in the near future, you must consider a few factors. Knowing what these factors are can help ensure you get the right system and that it fits your needs.

  1. Types of Septic Tanks

One of the first things to understand when you are ready to buy a septic tank is what types are available. There are a few options to choose from for residential areas.

These include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Polyethylene or plastic
  • Concrete

Septic systems are a type of self-contained sewage system that is designed to hold residential waste. This waste is collected in the tank and dispersed into the septic field.

If the tank is full, it is necessary to invest in professional septic system pumping to minimize the potential issues that may arise. This is true regardless of the type of septic tank you have installed.

  1. Septic Tank Size

Your septic tank is the first step for all wastewater exiting your home. The waste is held inside the tank for a while. The liquids and solids are separated during the holding process, and the water is moved to the drainage field.

Because of the process that waste must undergo, it is necessary to consider a few things when selecting the right size septic tank for your property. These things include:

  • Occupants in the home
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Total square footage of the property

Using a simple standard formula will help you figure out the capacity needed. For up to four people, the capacity of the septic tank should be 2,700 liters. For each additional person, 180 more liters should be added.

  1. Installation Location

The right location must be found for septic tank installation. In many areas, a perc test is required to evaluate the site and soil to determine if the septic tank can be safely installed in that location.

A few other considerations must be made, along with ensuring the site is suitable for septic tank installation. These include:

  • No hazardous ranges
  • Installation of proper lid possible
  • Avoid electrical and igniting features
  • Sanitary condition considerations
  • Out of the way location to avoid cars and other machinery rolling over it

If you buy a septic tank, it is important to find the right installation location by considering these factors.

Tips for Buying Septic Tanks

When it comes to buying septic tanks, there are several considerations to make. With the tips and information here, you can feel confident you have purchased a tank that will work properly and move wastewater effectively away from your home.

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