3 Ways To Edit PDF With Ease

pdf with ease

World Executives Digest3 Ways To Edit PDF With Ease | With more people working from home nowadays, it’s easy to forget some administrative duties that need to be well taken care of. PDF editing is one of them. Most of the time, with PDFs, these types of documents only need to be signed. But when edits are due and desperately needed, it takes a discerning eye to do the job pretty well.

Truth be told, there are many ways in which anyone can edit a PDF. So if you are looking for the best courses of action, we’ve collated them in this article. PDF editing isn’t  popular on the hierarchy of skills that professionals acquire, but it will serve them well to know one thing or two about it:

Via online like PDFBear

When the task at hand involves easy edits like adding text and images, converting PDF to more editable formats, repairing corrupted ones, and more, the best way to do these is to go to a web application like PDFBear. For example, this site has an array of applications that address common PDF edits including split PDF. You can easily upload any PDF file on it and go through the other features. 

Once you’ve uploaded the file in question, the application will do all the job for you. You can convert basic MS-Office files like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to PDF instantly. Plus, you can do it vice-versa as well. With PDFBear, you can also repair, protect, and encrypt your document since the repository is online, it’s convenient even when you are not in front of your computer.

Through PDF reader software

There are at least hundreds of different PDF reader software that you can download for free via the Internet that would make PDF edits easy. This software will range in usability, but if you are constantly working with PDFs all day, it’s great to have one installed on your main computer and your work phone. Among the many choices you have, choose the ones that are seamless in editing and are lightweight.

For pro-level editors, look for features like anti-aliasing, converting, and open-sourced. The type of software that will hit the mark should also be compatible with your existing work rig. Another thing to look for is its ability to support languages. More often than not, PDF files are localized to the lingua franca of one place, so the better language support it has, the more streamlined experience you’ll have.

By way of Google Docs

Google Docs doesn’t just store documents in the cloud and let you share it with any person provided you have their email; it’s also a nifty and quite powerful PDF editor if you want it to be. The magic of Google Docs is in the way it’s convenient enough to upload files, share them, and collaborate on them online. For most freelancers worldwide, this is the way to go. 

In the Upload file section of your GDrive, choose the file that you want to edit. When uploading several heavy files, you’ll need to wait for a few minutes for it to be fully operational. With single files, the upload time will depend on how heavy the file is. If it is 25MB or less, you should wait for no more than three minutes. 

Once the file is uploaded, go to the “Open With” feature. It should lead to a dropdown menu containing applications that can open the PDF. Google Docs should be at the top, alongside a random PDF application recommendation. Choose Google Docs. It should open a new tab that will direct you to the interface. Once the PDF opens, you have the option to save it as a word document further.


With PDF editing, the goal is always to make sure that the end file is presentable and ready for printing. That’s why edits need to look professional. With the numerous ways you can do that today, some ways will always be better than the rest. The ones listed above are the prime examples of where and how you should edit PDF.