3 Ways To Get More Plants in Your Life

3 Ways To Get More Plants in Your Life

3 Ways To Get More Plants in Your Life | You want to find more ways to incorporate plants into your life. The good news is that there are numerous ways to get your plant fix. Whether it’s through copious quantities of houseplants, plant-based products, or an outdoor garden extravaganza, there’s a way for plants to reach every aspect of your lifestyle. Read below for more specifics on products and in-depth ideas that’ll help you bring more plants into your life.

1. Get plants for every inch of your home.

If you’ve always wanted a home that’s flourishing with life and greenery, then dreams really can come true. The days are long gone where you had to go to the grocery store to look for a houseplant only to find a measly cactus plant left behind. Instead, you can order incredible indoor plants from an online plant store that’ll deliver your desired plants straight to your front door.

With Lively Root’s wide variety availability of houseplants, you can find practically any indoor house plants that may work in specific light conditions and climates. Or, you can look for plants that are particularly easy to care for like pothos, succulents, snake plants, a spider plant, or aloe vera. These low-maintenance picks are a great way to incorporate plants into various areas of the home that get less direct light like the bathroom and bedroom.

Some plants you should add to your rooms that get loads of sunlight include plants like a ponytail palm, birds of paradise, jade plants, and fiddle leaf fig trees. Just be aware that some houseplants can be finicky, so do your research before purchasing to get the thriving, happy plants in every square inch of your home.

2. Consider using plant-based products.

Maybe your home is already maxed out with houseplants, so you want to find other interventions that add some natural products into your life. What better way than to ditch your harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrances, and sulfates in traditional beauty products and trade them out for plant based beauty products that have the purest ingredients?

Think about it, most people put skincare products on their faces every single day. For this reason alone, you must choose skincare products that promote the use of natural ingredients, antioxidants, and superfoods instead of chemically-created formulas that are harsh on those with sensitive skin.

By opting for plant-based care, you’re choosing high-quality cleansers and moisturizers that feature plants like crushed jade, hemp, and other adaptogens that are incredible nutrients for your face and body. All in all, natural skincare products are a great way to let the power of plants work for the greater good of your skin, too.

3. Start an outdoor garden space.

Last but not least, one of the simplest places to beef up your plant game is by creating an outdoor space that’s home to new plants. Start small by buying planters that you can place on your front porch or back patio. You could also head to the home improvement store and pick out some plants or flowers that you’d like to plant in the ground for a more permanent plant addition to your home.

If you’re feeling more confident, then it might be time you learn how to start a garden that allows you to tend to and grow your fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs too! This is a great way to bring plants full circle into your lifestyle because as you grow them, you get to consume them as well. Some plants that are easy for beginners to grow include tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, and peppers.

So go ahead, and leap towards planting some flower beds and a garden. Pretty soon, your entire world will be enriched by plant life.