4 Businesses That Won’t Work Without Express Delivery Services

express delivery services

Express delivery service in the Philippines has become more relevant and prevalent as businesses become more technologically-advanced and fast-paced. Many retailers and wholesale business owners make use of express delivery services to be able to deliver their items quickly. Not all businesses could afford their own vehicles for transporting goods, most especially for distant cities or overseas destinations.


In the Philippines, here are 4 kinds of businesses which basically wouldn’t work out too well without the help of express delivery services:

  1. Online shops

Online shops are one of those who regularly take advantage of express delivery services. They have less physical resources to provide and deliver the customer’s’ goods because they are businesses run through social media platforms and websites. Shops which sell clothes, books, footwear, and cosmetics send parcels in bulk, which are then sent out to hundreds of customers all over the country.


  1. Law firms

Every express delivery service in the Philippines allows you to send documents which aren’t of extraordinary value. For law firms, it is important for the documents to be sent on time because there are cases or clients which might need them on a strict deadline. Law firms also need to guarantee to hand the documents to someone who’s trustworthy and fast at the same time, so they turn to express couriers for those kinds of needs.


  1. Publishing and printing companies

Even with the rise of digital media, print media still remains relevant. When customers subscribe to a monthly supply of books, magazines, or newspapers, the need for express delivery services rise. Publishers let couriers handle the distribution so they could meet the dates indicated on the materials.


  1. Advertising and events companies

In these sectors, deadlines are part of their daily tasks. In order to successfully stage events and put up advertising equipment, these kinds of customers seek for express delivery services which could send small boxes up, large containers, and even full container cargo. Usual items that advertising and events companies send are banners, billboards, brochures, and product samples. In addition, this is a cost-effective move, rather than renting out delivery vehicles in a given time period.


If you currently have a business and you see couriers as an opportunity in expanding your line of products and services, it would be best to be a 2GO Express Retail Partner. In providing express delivery service in the Philippines, you could offer the following to your customers:

  • next day freight document, parcel and cargo delivery
  • international document, parcel and cargo delivery to over 220 international destinations
  • sea freight cargo and parcel delivery
  • roll-on roll-off and rolling cargo services
  • Less Container Load (LCL) or loose cargo delivery
  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • travel ticketing (optional)


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