4 Career Paths for Foodies

4 Career Paths for Foodies women-in-foodservice

WorldExecutivesDigest | 4 Career Paths for Foodies | Most people love food. After all, not only is food a necessary element when it comes to keeping us alive, but it’s also so much more than that. It can taste great, and it can often bring people together and help them create memories that will last a lifetime. However, some people may be more interested in food than others. In fact, they may be so interested that they will want to work in the food industry. 

If you’re a foodie and you want to know about what career paths can help you explore your passion, you’ve come to the right place. 

Open a restaurant

Of course, the most obvious career path would be to either become a chef or open your own restaurant. We opted for the second one because you can cook the meals yourself, or you can work behind the scenes – coming up with recipes, setting up a menu, tasting the dishes . . . you get the idea. 

Nowadays, there are also plenty of modern and more affordable options, if you don’t want to open a full-blown restaurant right off the bat. 

A great example is that of a ghost kitchen, which allows you to make food and have it delivered to customers, without the added stress of having to run a restaurant. Have a look at Ghost Kitchen Network to learn more.

Go into the catering industry

If you like the idea of working with food, but you think that working in a restaurant will bore you, catering is the way to go. 

You still get to come up with great food ideas, but each event will be different – both in terms of the location as well as what food you will be expected to provide. This can also be a more affordable than a restaurant. If you have a specific cooking skill set, create your catering company around that. For example, you can specialize in Filipino dishes, or in desserts. 

Give cooking lessons

One reason why people are so passionate about food is that it’s something they get to share with others. And what better way of sharing the love of food is there than to teach others how to cook or bake?

By hosting cooking lessons, you will be flexing your cooking skills while also spreading your love of food and teaching others those skills. 

You might be nervous about appearing in front of a crowd, so try to work on building some self-confidence.

Write cookbooks

Of course, it may also be the case that you love food, but don’t necessarily want to deal with people every day. 

If you want to work with food behind the scenes, you should consider writing a cookbook. This is a great option for introverted foodies who prefer to do their own thing in the kitchen because you can create your own recipes and share them with the world without having to actually be in the spotlight. 

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t find someone to publish your book – self-publishing is also a great option.