4 Classic Marketing Techniques that Still Work

There's no doubt that as a business owner, you should maximize this tool.
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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 4 Classic Marketing Techniques that Still Work | The internet is a gift that keeps on giving. The boom of social media and online marketing have helped businesses essentially connect with profits. And it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, according to Hubspot, there are now over 3.2 billion people connected on social media. There’s no doubt that as a business owner, you should maximize this tool. 

However, the internet is not the only resource at your disposal. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or otherwise, there are still classic marketing techniques that can help you boost sales. Here are four of them.


There is a reason why you still receive tons of online coupons on your email. People love their discounts! If you send out coupons to people’s physical mailboxes, they would be very hard to ignore. Never mind if it points them to your physical store or online, the idea is to make sure the coupons get their attention. 

You can also send out other promotional materials like catalogs and letters through direct mail. It may not have the same push as sending out coupons but it will still get them reading about you.

Promo Items

Promotional products are only classic because they have been around for a while now. However, this marketing tactic has never gone obsolete. In fact, according to a 2019 survey done by the Promotional Products Industry Strategy, eight out of ten people still like receiving these items. Discounts are awesome, but it doesn’t beat freebies. Don’t underestimate the importance of promotional products

In theory, you can slap your brand on just about anything, but one of most important things to consider when talking about promotional items is whether the items will be useful for your target market. If you’re offering your refrigerator repair service, it would make more sense to give out tumblers instead of umbrellas. For a more personal touch, you can even get in touch with a glass bottle supplier in Utah to customize items for premium clients. 

Loyalty Cards

Particularly if you are in an industry that expect regularly returning customers, loyalty cards is another reason for them to keep coming back. This tactic is brilliant because people have an inherent need to finish what they start. You can offer them discounts and freebies when they complete their cards or even when they reach certain milestones. Get creative and expect to see more of your regulars. 


Okay, so this may be more applicable for brick and mortar stores, but there are over 35,500 retail stores in Utah alone, according to the National Retail Federation. That means there is still a need to physically stand out from the competition pool. Well, signs are definitely your first bet. Would you still track down a store 12 blocks away just because your map app is directing you? Or would you pull over right here where a sign is telling you a store nearby is selling the same products. Exactly!

There’s no stopping the wave of online marketing, and you don’t really need to. You can make the most out of that ride while still taking with you the classics. Use all the avenues in front of you to connect with clients and your effort will surely translate into profits.