4 Compelling Reasons to Hire Freelancers for Your Next Project

Hire Freelancers

Do you have a huge project in the works that your current staff may not be able to handle on their own? Or perhaps you’re forming a startup and your resources for hiring new employees are somewhat limited. If you said yes to either of these scenarios, then hiring freelancers may be an ideal path forward for you. Freelancers, as you’re probably well aware, are workers who provide their services to clients on a temporary or contractual basis. They can be found locally through Filipino freelance platforms, as well as through other jobseeker portals.

That being said, as with any business decision, you should only go with freelancers if you’re truly informed of the advantages and you’re convinced that hiring them will better benefit your company compared to any other choice available to you. To help you with this, we’ve assembled a list of compelling reasons why you might want to hire freelancers for your next business endeavor. Check them out below.

They’re easier on the budget

There’s a huge cost that companies have to shoulder when it comes to keeping every employee on their payroll. Not only do they have to pay a regular salary, they also have to account for their employees’ benefits, in-office creature comforts, office supplies, and utility usage.

Depending on the type of freelancer you hire, you can eschew most of these costs. For example, if the work you’re hiring a freelancer for can be done over the web or online, then all you have to worry about is the cost of employing them. You won’t have to worry about the office supplies they use, the utilities they expend in your office, or even their health insurance. This definitely makes them a lot easier on your budget.

They can provide the skills you need on a temporary basis

Say, for example, that your next project involves a lot of computer programming, visual design, and content creation. Traditional business thinking dictates that you should knuckle down and hire professional programmers, graphic artists, and content writers for this. However, after the temporary project has been completed or has gotten off the ground, you’ll be left with highly paid employees whose skills you don’t necessarily have a pressing need for anymore. This creates an unnecessary expenditure on your part, even if you can train the employees to perform other business-critical tasks.

By hiring freelancers, you can have people with similar skillsets at your disposal, but on a more temporary basis. Once the project is done or your need for them has lapsed, you can easily part ways with them as per your agreed-upon contract. This gives you the freedom to reroute resources to more pressing business needs without having to deal with the potential negative effects that other cost-cutting measures can bring, which may include layoffs and mass firings—and the resulting lawsuits they could trigger.

As for the caliber of skill that freelancers can bring to the table, there’s a reasonable chance that such people can, in fact, be even more skilled at what they do than a regular employee. The reason for this is that many freelancers are industry veterans themselves who have simply decided to strike out on their own.

Of course, you should always take things on a case-by-case basis. You’re likely to encounter people who may have sub-par skills, so it’s also important to be as picky with your freelancers as you would with your regular hires. Nevertheless, it’s a simple fact that many freelancers are confident enough to navigate the professional world on their own simply because they have invested a lot of time, effort, and experience to become viable freelancers.

They may provide round-the-clock, immediate support

Freelancers typically provide a more personal approach to their services, and as such, they are only too willing to lend a hand when you need their help. Such efforts may include providing prompt support for any issue you may be having with their output, even outside of regular office hours. This can help you save time and money, especially if your project is reliant on issues being fixed now rather than later.

They are more efficient in their tasks

Freelancers have the luxury of being able to work from home and to have more flexible timetables. As they don’t need to deal with the usual rigors of employment in order to get down to work—such as dealing with traffic, social interaction with coworkers, or meetings that may be unrelated to their current assignment, you can expect them to be very focused on the job you’ve assigned to them, which then allows them to get it done that much more quickly.

Freelancers may be the cost-effective business solution you’re looking for

If you need a skilled or specialized employee for a project, but you don’t necessarily see them being required around the office past this endeavor, then you may want to consider hiring a freelancer over a regular salaried employee. By doing so, you can take advantage of how much easier they are on the budget, and benefit from the other essential perks that they bring. Just remember to be as discerning with hiring them as you would hiring regular employees.