4 Essential Reasons To Use SKF Bearings

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 4 Essential Reasons To Use SKF Bearings | If you are looking for a trusted, high-performance bearing solution for your applications, then there is no denying that SKF bearings are the only choice. One of the world’s most trusted brands and global player in the aftermarket industry, SKF continues to produce high-quality and reliable products that can be found in various applications all around the world. 

From the customization options to the customer service, the sustainability commitment to the higher-resistance steel, read on for these essential reasons as to what make SKF bearings you best choice for your requirements:

1. World-renowned and a leading global player 

Founded in 1907 in Gothenburg, Sweden, SKF (“Svenska Kullagerfabriken,” which translates to “Swedish Ball Bearing Factory”), is the world’s leading bearing and seal manufacturing company. 

Sold in over 130 countries and 40 specialized segments, SKF bearings are manufactured in countries such as Bulgaria, Argentina, and India. Due to their high-quality and durable products, as well as their hands-on experience in 40 industries, SKF continues to be the world’s leading authority and most in-demand manufacturer for aftermarket products

Currently, SKF is focusing on advancing technology to reduce the environmental impact of its products. The company’s commitment to sustainable development can be seen through its business practices, employees’ experience, eco-friendly processes, and community engagement. 

2. They deliver the best performance. 

Any failure of machinery is potentially dangerous and costly, as it can result in thousands of dollars per hour in lost production. Downtime from faulty machinery is a nuisance as, in many cases, it could have been prevented with better quality machinery. 

For example, by utilizing more robust bearings, you can increase service life and have lasting trouble-free machine operation with lower operating costs. Who wouldn’t want this? 

SKF bearings are known for delivering the best performance levels of any bearings on the market. By using SKF bearings, you are ensuring that the potential of downtime is dramatically decreased and that the bearing is capable and versatile enough to perform whatever is required of it. 

This is since SKF-specified steel has a higher resistance to fatigue, which enables it to handle greater loads. Therefore, SKF bearings offer you the best top-performing solution that is also adaptable enough to be employed in various applications.

3. They have customization options. 

In addition to their robust seals and use of high-quality steel, SKF bearings also have several customization options that help ensure you can get the bearings that are right for your application. 

One of these features is enhanced seal efficiency, which allows you to extend bearing life with enhanced performance in areas such as friction, speed, grease retention, and water expulsion. SKF extends a broad array of sealing choices (such as RSH, contact seals, and the low-friction RST), which assist you in achieving the performance you require.

Another customization option is optimized lubrication, which can be adjusted depending on the intended application and its operating conditions. For example, these customized SKF bearings can come with a multi-purpose grease suitable for a wide range of conditions; however, this is only one option. Other bearing greases available to meet diverse performance needs include application-specific greases such as food-grade grease and alternative lubricants such as Solid Oil. 

Lastly, if you want to have bearings that have exceptional performance in applications running at high speeds, or with high acceleration or high ambient temperatures, then you need to ensure you have the right cage. Otherwise, there is a high likelihood that it isn’t going to perform the way you want it to. 

Luckily, SKF ball bearings have several cage alternatives that can support your specific requirements. Keep in mind that if the typical operating temperatures are higher than 120°C, then you are going to want a bearing with a higher stabilization class to produce an even longer service life. 

When you take into account all of SKF’s different seals, greases, and other customizable features, there are more than 10,000 possible variants involving their products. Therefore, you can be assured that you are getting the closest possible performance mix for your application, no matter what you require. 

4. Benefit from fantastic customer service. 

One of the main reasons that SKF bearings continues to be the No.1 choice of customers around the world is their unparalleled customer support service. 

When you purchase an SKF bearing, you know that you are also getting the fantastic customer assistance and end-to-end support from an established industry leader. From global customer service to expert application support, you know that SKF representatives will always be there for you to ensure your machinery is performing as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With their wealth of knowledge in the industry, they can surely deliver high-caliber services that will add value to your customer journey experience. 

For more information, visit skf.com and contact your authorized SKF automotive bearings distributor in Dubai. By having a local connection, you may benefit from additional services such as bearing failure diagnosis and other related technical assistance, which can be beneficial for end-users. Additionally, it will be much easier for you to reach out for technical consultations and for your future requirements through their trusted representative in the region.

Are you in the market for new bearings in 2020? Have you ever purchased SKF bearing before? Do you have any further questions or relevant experiences? 

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Hassanein Alwan is the Managing Director of Mineral Circles Bearings with more than 10 years’ experience in the bearing industry’s technical support division, sales and marketing, plus strategic business development consultancy.