4 Essential Tools to Use in Plumbing Services 

4 Essential Tools to Use in Plumbing Services Plumbing Service

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 4 Essential Tools to Use in Plumbing Services | Ryde is a suburb area in New South Wales, Australia. Located 13 kilometres from the Central Business District, it is known by most professionals working in urban areas. It is also part of the Northern Sydney region. Most of its inhabitants live in private dwellings, ranging from flat to semi-detached houses to detached homes.  

Plumbing in Ryde is a vital and popular service in the area because DIY repairs are not fruitful. One advantage of hiring professional plumbers is that they use calibrated and more appropriate tools to fix plumbing issues in residential areas like Ryde.

Here are five essential tools used by plumbing services:

Pipe Wrench 

A task of a plumber usually involves removing large drainage to clean out because of blockage. It requires using a pipe wrench to unscrew these fittings such as in water heaters, yard hydrants and pressure regulators. For some cases, using two pipe wrenches is more helpful to prevent stress on the fitting. One wrench will hold the pipe steady, and the other one is for adjoining the piece. 

Compression Sleeve Puller 

For experts who do plumbing in Ryde, the compression sleeve puller is a must-have plumbing tool for its special purpose. Usually, it is used to connect copper pipes valves. When it is needed to disassemble these joints, the small brass ring (the sleeve) fitting over the copper pipe can be too tight, making it difficult to remove. What makes it handy, is its ability to pull off the compression sleeve and the nut without damaging the pipe.

Drain Plunger 

A drain plunger is also known as the “plumber’s best friend”. It is the first tool to search for whenever blocking or clog in the drain trap inside a sink, tub or shower. There are two types of drain plunger that a plumber commonly uses: cup plunger and flange plunger. The cup plunger has a rubber cup that fits over the drain opening. On the other hand, flange plunger is designed with an inner flange fitting the drain opening in the restroom or toilet. The choice of the plunger to use depends on the plumbing issue that needs to be addressed. 

Pipe Cutter (or Tubing Cutter)

A pipe cutter is a plumbing tool used for fast and clean cutting of pipes or tubes. Some plumber prefers it because it is more convenient in cutting pipelines than using a hacksaw. However, its measure of being effective depends on the type of metal pipe to cut. There are two kinds of pipe cutters: plastic tubing cutters and sharp wheel cutters. Plastic tubing cutters are made for thinner pipes and tubes while sharp wheel cutters are thicker and hard to cut pipes. Nonetheless, it is the plumber’s decision on what tool to use while fixing to serve the best purpose. 

It is important to be knowledgeable in the use of essential tools in plumbing. In case of the delay of plumbing service, you can do the initial checking and fix if only possible, especially when there are leaks. Plumbing issues are common in any household; it may seem a simple issue in the house, but it is better to leave it with the plumbing experts’ hands.