4 Great Solutions to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Business More Eco-Friendly

by Jamil Santos, Correspondent | World Executives Digest |

Global warming is real; there is no doubt about that. With more and more environmental threats arising every year, it is our duty to help our planet as much as we can. This means doing everything that is in our power to reduce pollution, clean our surroundings, and make the environment a bit greener overall.

Therefore, this is not a job only for individuals; businesses should be included in this battle too. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to create an eco-friendly working environment. Sure, some parts of your business can never be green, but make sure that the ones that can be, are. Luckily, to save you the time spent on researching this topic, we have come up with this list of best green solutions for any type of business.

Deck the office with LED lights

Our first suggestion is probably the easiest one to implement. Switching from regular light bulbs to LED ones is not only eco-friendly, but also money-saving in the long run. LED bulbs are truly the way of the future. They last longer, have less impact on the environment and use much less electricity. If you are looking for a quick and easy green solution, this one is good to start with. Keep in mind that LED lights are a bit more expensive up front, but as the time passes and your energy bills get lower, you will see the full advantages of them.

Promote green transportation

Cars are one of the biggest causes of pollution in big cities. As a business owner, it is your job to promote alternative types of transportation and make it easier for the ones that are using them. For example, install bicycle racks in the parking lot so your employees don’t have to worry about their bikes. Moreover, encourage them to use public transportation – the fewer cars on the streets, the better. Additionally, you can switch to a green car and set an example for your employees. Moreover, when the weather is nice, it’s always a good idea to go to work on foot and enjoy the nature you are fighting to preserve.

Proper waste disposal

Recycling has become a regular part of our lives. Most of the residential complexes have containers for different types of waste to make the recycling process easier. Waste classification is very important in this regard. Some types of waste, like hazardous waste, require special processes to be properly disposed of. Mixing them with general solid waste, which is regular household waste that contains plastic, glass, organics, etc., can cause significant environmental damage.

The same goes for businesses. Make sure that you have proper containers for each type of waste. If you are dealing with some hazardous substances, follow all necessary procedures when getting rid of them. Also, try using biodegradable products as much as you can. By buying such products, you are encouraging companies to produce more of them and less of the plastic and glass ones.

Get an energy audit

Lastly, you should get an energy audit. All of the above-mentioned solutions are great and you should implement them, but they won’t do much good if your company`s building is not energy efficient. This is especially true for large businesses.

Some estimates from the department of energy say that an energy-efficient building can reduce its heating and energy bills by 20%. This means you should seal all the cracks and leaks that allow heat to escape. By performing an energy audit, and finding and fixing all the compromised spots, you will create a more eco-friendly environment and also save some money because of reduced energy bills.