4 Hot Social Media Recruiting Tips for HR Professionals

recruiting tips for hr professionals

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Social media recruiting hasn’t been a thing in the past but today’s digital age has paved the way to a more advanced means of finding the best talents over the Web. It won’t be enough to post your company’s details and manpower needs. Potential employees look further into a website to be able to know more about their future job and workplace.

Social media recruiting comes from the name itself, to be able to hire talents through social media. To be able to “catch” the best talents, here are 4 social media recruiting tips that you could do:

  1. Make use of Facebook Ads

When your company has a Facebook page, you could make a post reach your target audience through its platform for your social media recruiting process. You could choose specific people such as those who’s viewed your profile, those who are aged 18-25, those who have finished a degree in Business Administration, and the like.

  1. Take advantage of hashtags

As most people use them you could easily search for keywords using hashtags on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. When posting a job post, you could use the #hiring or #lookingforwriter.

  1. Discover portfolios on Instagram

Social media recruiting could be easy when you use Instagram, especially when you’re looking for skills related in media and arts. You could spot talented photographers, interior designers, graphic artists, or videographers through their posts. You could also make use of hashtags when doing so.

  1. Create a separate page for careers

While a company or product-specific page is helpful for sales or marketing, a separate page wherein you’d post new job alerts, company profile, and company culture is an easy and free social media recruiting move.

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