4 Package Ideas You Could Send Through Express Delivery Services

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Package Ideas You Could Send Through Express Delivery Services | Express delivery services, without doubt, have become a great help to society. Lawyers are able to send documents to clients, merchants are able to send their products to customers, and working adults are able to send packages to their families in provinces. There are many reasons why people send packages, and gift-giving is one of them.

On random days or during special occasions, here are 4 gift package ideas you could send depending on your receiver through express delivery services:

For your family: Food Basket

Send your loved ones’ favorites all in one basket. Stuff a hamper or box with non-perishable food items based on their liking. You may include items such as canned goods, preserved fruits, cheese variants, biscuits, and cookies. In addition, if you’re going to include a bottle of wine, cover it with a bubble wrap first. Stack the items in a way that the bottles won’t fall or the light snacks would be deformed.

For your fashionable niece: Closet Upgrade

For your stylish receiver, you may send a package of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Be sure to pick the right sizes and styles. Fold the clothes neatly and place them in a box. For the accessories, place them in a box so the pieces won’t get misplaced. Put everything into a corrugated box from your chosen express delivery services provider, and don’t forget to insert a card for the recipient.

For your girlfriend or BFF: Beauty Kit

Your girlfriend or BFF would surely love the gift of beauty. Your package could contain so much of what a girl needs without being bulky. You may send a small box with foundation sticks, lipsticks, eyebrow pencil, highlighters, assorted brushes, eyeshadow palettes, face masks, and makeup remover. Be sure to wrap the cosmetics individually in bubble wraps to prevent them from breaking while in transit. For the liquids, place them in leak-proof bags to secure them.

For anybody: Gift Certificates

This may be the simplest but is also one of the most useful. One could use GCs in all sorts of leisure, shopping, and relaxation–the perfect gifts for a loved one. Be sure to check the GC’s expiration date and terms of use for the receiver’s convenience. This kind of item is usually sent in the form of pouches. Remember to check your chosen express delivery services’ terms and conditions on sending documents like this.

For the first three package ideas, remember to fill the spaces with cushioning materials. This will prevent the items from rattling inside the box.

Wherever you are in the Philippines, send these packages through a trusted name such as 2GO Express. No matter how small your parcel or large your package is, you’re sure to get your gift delivered when it matters. Gifts are always pleasant surprises, so deliver love in form of packages through 2GO Express today.