4 PDF Hacks You Need to Know


World Executives Digest | 4 PDF Hacks You Need to Know | Whether it is for school or work, most people have used a PDF file before. More than 250 billion PDFs were opened in 2019 alone, and with the rise of working from home, the file format has become even more critical.

While these files are relatively easy to send documents to people to sign or for people to read pages from a book, they can also be relatively frustrating. Without access to more expensive software, sometimes you can’t actually do much with the PDF aside from look at it and sign it. This can lead to severe frustration, especially if you’re trying to make it visible to other people or wish to make edits.

In this blog post, we’ll go over a few PDF hacks that will make your life much easier when trying to deal with this file format.

Read on for more information, and for some life-changing tips and tricks.

  1. You Don’t Need Special Software to Make a PDF File; You Can Create One Via Word

Think you need to have a subscription to Adobe, or another type of similar service, to edit your PDF? Think again. You can save a file as PDF right in Word itself, making it incredibly easy to share or to make a file that someone can sign with a digital signature.

You can save a Word document as a PDF file once you’ve finished with it by saving the document as you usually would. Then on the drop-down menu that asks how you want to save the file, you can select PDF. This will allow you to create a PDF file format without having to do extra work, or sign up for Adobe via a subscription.

This trick also allows you to edit PDFs in some cases, depending on the origin of the file. You can also click the following link if you want to learn how to edit a PDF on Mac.

  1. Use It for Digital Signatures

Are you still relying on the method of printing out a contract, signing it, and then scanning it or taking a photo before sending it back? If so, you’re working with an outdated system, and you’re making things much more difficult for yourself.

Skip all of the extra steps by signing forms right in Adobe. You won’t need a subscription to do this, just a PDF. You can click anywhere on the document to sign it, but if it’s a contract, there will likely be a spot for you to sign. You can also initial the different parts of the contract to acknowledge that you’ve read it.

Combining this feature with Word makes creating contracts or permission slips super easy. Create a signable contract or permission slip in Word by using the blank underline feature to give the other party space for their signature. Then, save it as a PDF.

  1. Create Your Own Digital Signature

Digital signatures are fast replacing the ones we use in the real world, at least with documents that we use in school and work. With the COVID-19 crisis and the rise of working and going to school from home, you’ve likely already signed what seems like a thousand documents in Adobe. That is if you’re already trying to save time with the system by using a digital signature instead of printing things out to sign, then scanning them.

With Adobe, even if you have the free version, you can create your own digital signature. You can choose between several different font scripts, and pick the one you feel fits you best.

Or, you can create your own digital signature either by drawing with your mouse or using a digital drawing pad to create it. It makes your signature as unique as your handwriting, so there isn’t any question of whether or not you signed the document.

Adobe lets you save the signature so that you can use it again and again, almost like a stamp. Whenever you get a new document to sign, just open up your signature and stamp it on the dotted line. It’s easy and simple, and you can then save it an send it off immediately.

  1. Create Editable PDFs with Your Mobile Phone

If you subscribe to Adobe Acrobat, you can take your phone’s powers to the literal next level and can create editable PDFs on it.

Once you either create or find a document you want to edit, open it in Acrobat on your phone and click Enhance. You can then make the document look more professional, and use it to sign the document, send it to someone else to sign or to send it to several people at once.

This is particularly helpful if you’re in education and need to send parts of a book to your class or to your classmates. You could, of course, take time scanning it, but this takes quite a long time.

With this hack, you can take photos of the document and then create a PDF. There’s not a lot of fuss with it and allows you to create PDFs on the go.

Learning About PDF Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

The aforementioned PDF hacks are only a small sample that can help make your work or school life easier. With a little bit of research, you can find a plethora of more complex PDF hacks to keep things running smoothly.

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