4 Solutions to getting Rid of Excess Wood

4 Solutions to getting Rid of Excess Wood

4 Solutions to getting Rid of Excess Wood | Wood of any sort is probably one of the most versatile materials. You don’t necessarily have to burn it, you can build something with it. In fact, since wood prices are through the roof at present, you better make use of any excess wood. We’ve got tons of ideas for you on what to do with it before you think of junk removal. If none of them seems to work out for you, you can always get in touch with the professionals and get rid of it in one sweep.

4 Solutions to getting Rid of Excess Wood#1 If You Have a Lot of Excess Wood

It depends pretty much on how much excess wood you’ve got to determine what to do with it. Having it hauled away with junk removal isn’t necessary if you can build something else with it.

Build a Cabin

If you’ve got a lot of it and a bunch of logs, you could consider building a log cabin. As previously mentioned, wood prices are insanely high at present. No one is actually building anything with wood because of it. But if you do have insane quantities in your backyard, you should certainly consider building a log cabin. It’s rather easy to do, though it does require some effort.

Build a Shed

This one would be a good idea if you’ve got a lot of excess wood but not that much to build a cabin. A bunkie might be sufficient or at least a shed. Even if you’ve already got a shed in your garden, you could add another one for extra storage or as a guest room. Maybe it could also serve as a workshop or as your art room. Or you’re extra creative and build a treehouse.

Build a Chicken House

Have you considered getting some chickens for your backyard? Then you’d also need a chicken house. Chickens provide you with fresh eggs and also take care of weeds in your garden. Their manure can serve as a natural fertilizer for your garden.

Build an Enclosure for Small Pets

Having rabbits or guinea pigs is both fun and joyous for children of all ages. Unfortunately, the enclosures you’d get for them at pet shops are far too small. They’re robust enough pets to stay outdoors. You can build them an enclosure that’s beyond species-appropriate with several levels and houses.

#2 What To do With All the Twigs

When you’ve got excess wood from trees, you’re likely to have a lot of twigs, too. Most people would simply discard them with junk removal, but twigs are actually very helpful.

Climbing Support

More stable twigs are perfect to use as climbing support for plants of all kinds. Why should you buy climbing support if you get one for free by mother nature? Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, or even some fruit varieties need climbing support. Other plants, such as herbs, might also need one to create beautiful arrangements in your garden. 

Curtain Rods and Decorative Items

Thicker twigs are perfect to use as curtain rods. Of course, the fewest twigs would be straight so you’ll need to be a little inventive when it comes to attaching your curtains. It’s best to work with loops made of the same fabric as your curtain. It’ll even out irregular heights at the end. However, you could also use one of the more stable twigs as a decorative item. Simply remove the bark and hang up pictures with it. Use it as a rod to create a vertical garden. Just attach some plastic bottles with strings as plant pots. 

4 Solutions to getting Rid of Excess WoodRaised Beds

This idea would be perfect if you’ve got a couple of planks and twigs. Or if you’ve got wood you can make some 1 x 6’s with. Take some planks to build a rectangle. You can even do this with pallet wood and re-use an old pallet for this purpose. You only need to build this rectangle or another shape you desire. Put it into your garden and fill it with cardboard as well as twigs and leaves.

You can practically dump any excess wood into the raised bed at the bottom. Larger and thicker pieces are best to put at the bottom. Those will act like a sponge, saving you some watering. On top of it, you add some fresh compost. Then you can put the plants and/or seeds in. 

#3 Trunk Art

Tree trunks don’t necessarily have to be used as firewood. Though that’s probably the first idea coming to mind when you’ve got excess wood. You can do far more with trunks and not necessarily throw them out with junk removal.

Turn a Trunk Into a Stool

Truth be told, you’ll need to be a bit skilled for this project. And be able to handle a chainsaw safely. Depending on how many trunks you’ve got, you can practice. Start with a simple shape and don’t even bother about a backrest in the beginning. Over time and with more skill you can turn it into a true piece of art with carvings. 

A Base for Tables and Side Tables

Have you ever looked at a tree trunk and thought, the base could be perfect to make a table? If not, you should certainly reconsider.  Remove the bark from the tree base and carefully cut the roots to size. The height will determine if it’s going to be a base for a side table or even a dining table. Maybe you’ve got some leftovers from construction to use as a table surface.

Cat Trees

The beauty about building cat trees is that you can basically use any wood you considered for junk removal. Thinner trunks, 2 x 4’s or 4 x 4’s are perfect to use as a pole. Add some levels at different heights with some planks or attach an old basket. You might be able to reuse a lot of materials you planned to throw out with junk removal. Old carpet is perfect to use on a cat tree, too.

#4 Have it Hauled Away

To get your excess wood hauled away, you could still think about selling it first. It’ll certainly still be of use as firewood for someone else. Or even as construction material. Since wood has gotten expensive, you could make a dime on the side. But then you’d have to wait for a buyer to actually come around. Contact a professional junk removal to take care of it. Before you know it, your yard is decluttered and you can rest assured it will be recycled. 

Parting Words on Junk Removal

So now it’s your turn, take your time and build a plan of action for the removal of excessive wood. The options are limitless and money for the most part is not a big issue. Therefore, the only limitation you might face is the time available.If you add a bit of fun to the mix, this can be a great way to pass time. If that’s not possible, make sure to call the professionals to dispose of the junk for you.