4 Tech Gifts Every Millennial Would Love to Receive this Christmas

Tech Gifts

Picking a gift for someone you hold dear is a fun and interesting experience. Essentially, you have to make a choice of whether you should get them something with a sentimental value or should you get them a pragmatic gift, something that they’ll use every single day. This is also the question of the budget, seeing as how the latter tends to be a tad less frugal option. Either way, if you opt for this path, you need to consider getting your friend a gadget, which is a trend that’s particularly appreciated amongst the millennial audience. With that in mind and without further ado, here are four tech gifts that every millennial would love to receive this Christmas.

Volta charger

The best thing about Volta charger lies in the fact that it’s incredibly pragmatic and simple to use for a variety of different devices. Three tips you get for this are the USB-C, Micro USB and Lighting. Once you have them inside of your device, all you have to do is bring the cable close to the device and let magnetism do all the rest. Due to the fact that this is a fairly inexpensive gadget, you can even consider getting an extra set of cables and adapters. For a couple of dollars more, you even get a simple and stylish container for tips, that can also be used as a keyring.

A tablet

In 2018, virtually everyone owns a smartphone, however, tablets are still not as common as their smaller, more compact counterparts. Why? Well, because a lot of people find them redundant. After all, if a smartphone can do everything that a tablet can do, why waste money on an additional device. This is also one of the main reasons why millennials don’t wear watches as much as their predecessors did. Nonetheless, this is one of the reasons why tablets are ideal presents. It’s that item that you’ve always secretly wanted, yet, it could never get high enough on a priority list for you to actually get it. People who aim to get such a device for their millennial friend and remain on the budget while doing it might want to consider doing some research with online retailers like Personal Digital.

Kindle Paperwhite

With more and more people reading books in a digital format, getting someone a Kindle Paperwhite might be an amazing idea. First of all, these devices are not the same thing as tablets and, although the font may be quite similar, there are several features that put these e-readers head and shoulders above their counterparts. Second, most of these e-readers are waterproof, which means that one can get to read their favorite novel in a bathtub. In a way, this makes them far superior even to traditional books (to all but the most hardcore of sentimentalists). Other than this, these devices come with an anti-glare feature, which makes the screen imitate the visuals of an actual paper, quite accurately.

  1. A smartwatch

Finally, if the friend that you plan this gift for is obsessed with fitness, you might want to get them a smartwatch. Time and navigation are the most common advantages, yet, monitoring your heart rate and getting analytics of your daily activity might come in handy as well. If anything, it can give you an insight into whether you’re leading a sedentary or an active lifestyle. Your subjective feeling might be misleading while these numbers are unbiased.

Unlike with smartphones, the smartwatch market is fairly stable, which means that an item that you get won’t be obsolete in a year or so. In fact, there’s little to no loss in luxury. Other than this, software is getting better and better and apps keep improving. If anything, this means that the pragmatic value of such a device can only grow in time.

In conclusion

Sure, getting one a gadget is much more expensive and a greater commitment than just buying one new pajamas or a pair of Christmas socks. Nonetheless, going with the usual or the expected sometimes just isn’t good enough. In these situations, getting a gadget or a tech gift is the obvious choice. While buying a gift is always a situational thing, going with any of the above-listed four (unless the person in question already has them) is bound to be a huge success.

Mike is an Australian IT support professional. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.