4 Things to Consider in Choosing Your Boracay Accommodation

Boracay accommodation

Planning for your next beach getaway? The white sand beaches of Boracay undoubtedly remain to be on top of everyone’s travel bucket list. Aside from booking your flight ahead of time, another essential thing to take care of is your accommodation. With the abundant number of hotels and resorts, where would you choose to stay?

Here are four things you should consider before booking your Boracay accommodation:


1)  Location

The 3.5-kilometer-long white beach is divided into three parts – Stations 1, 2 & 3. While most people prefer to stay in a hotel located in Station 1 because of its proximity to the long stretch of white sand, restaurants and nightlife; it would also be a good option to explore other accommodation options in Stations 2 and 3 where there’s lesser crowd and cut-price hotels.

Tip: If you prefer a serene place to relax during your vacation but still want to lounge in the white sand beach, book a hotel in Station 2 like Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay. Aside from the fact that you’re distant from the noise of the crowd in the first station, Azalea Boracay is just a few minutes away from the beach.


2)  Room Accommodation

Your hotel room will be your holiday haven in the island, so it’s a must that you find a Boracay accommodation where you could comfortably relax and where you and your belongings will have enough space to share.

Tip: Travelling with the family or group of friends? Look for a hotel that offers spacious rooms where the entire group can stay without paying additional fees (i.e. extra mattress). Azalea Boracay has spacious suites designed for multiple occupants. Aside from their hefty beds, each suite has a convertible sofa bed perfect for family and group travelers.


3)  Amenities & Services

Make sure to check on the hotel’s amenities and services to make sure that you get the best out of your money. Among the things you need to include in your checklist should be food choices, laundry services, spa and massage services, Wi-Fi access and medical service assistance.

Tip: Aside from delighting in the crystal clear water, it will be a plus factor if the hotel has a swimming pool, especially if you’ll be travelling with kids. Azalea Boracay has an adult and kiddie infinity swimming pools. Apart from swimming, you can make the most out of your vacation with Azalea Boracay’s travel and vacation concierge who can take care of your itinerary.


4)  Booking Options

It will be best to verify how you can book your Boracay accommodation because this island is kilometers away from the metro. Some hotels have Manila offices while others have online booking, which may be more preferable for you. Azalea Boracay has a 24/7 booking and reservation facility and accepts bank deposit and major credit cards.

So before heading to your Boracay accommodation, you might as well consider these helpful tips in finding the best accommodation. May it be in Boracay or in any part of the country, it is still best to have a checklist of your expectations and requirements on where you will stay.