4 Things You Need to Know About 2GO Express Quikpac

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Nadj Villaver | WorldExecutivesDigest |

One of the problems people encounter every time they get a courier service is being surprised with the shipping fee. The fee usually differs from what’s mentioned on the poster and other advertising materials. But this will never happen when you send via 2GO Express. If you’re looking for affordable courier service, choose 2GO Express QuikPac.

QuikPac is 2GO Express’ pouch products which you can use when sending documents and small parcels. This comes in different sizes with corresponding maximum weight limits.

Here are the things that you need to know about 2GO Express QuikPac:

  1. You can send documents for as low as Php 60.00*

2GO Express QuikPac is one of the most affordable courier services. The maximum weight limit of our smallest pouch is 250 grams and it’s regardless of what documents you will send, it only costs Php 60.00. No hidden charges. As long as it fits the small pouch and follows the weight limit.

  1. You can fit documents up to 20 pages inside 2GO Express Small Quikpac.

For those wondering what can you send with the 250-gram weight limit, the smallest pouch can fit in maximum of 20 pages of documents. However, you need to fold the papers to fit in the pouch.

  1. Your package will be received the following day for serviceable areas within Metro Manila.

If you’re on a hurry sending your documents and small parcels, 2GO Express ensures fast delivery. For Metro Manila shipping, next-day delivery is possible but for provincial shipping, it takes not more than seven days. To check the full list of serviceable areas, visit http://bit.ly/2GOExpressmo

  1. You can also send small parcels up to 3 kilos.

Aside from budget-friendly courier service, 2GO Express also allows you to send small parcels. The medium QuikPac  has a maximum weight limit of two (2) kilos while the large QuikPac is up to three (3) kilos.

2GO Express, the country’s trusted express courier solutions provider, meets all the criteria. This courier company delivers express document, parcel and cargo delivery service, with nationwide reach and catering to over 220 international destinations. With over 1,000 outlets nationwide, 2GO Express provides express delivery service, airline and sea travel ticketing and money remittance service. They have also partnered with the world’s best courier companies making them gain the trust of the country’s’ top businesses.

To send your next document, parcel or package, you may visit http://bit.ly/2GOExpressmo or call (+632) 77-99-222 for more information.

-Rates are inclusive of 12% VAT.
-Rates are subject to valuation charge (subject to 12% VAT).
-Rates are subject to change without prior notice
-2GO prohibits acceptance of “Dangerous Goods.” Misdeclaration of cargo is punishable by law.
-Items are subject to inspection.
-Applicable for Retail Outlet Acceptance Only.