4 Tips to Increase Your Watch Value Over Time

Guide to buying a luxury watch Increase Your Watch Value Over Time
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There may come a time when you want to sell your luxury watch to earn some quick cash. Luxury timepieces are valuable, and many people buy them like investment assets. They hold a “collectability” factor that helps increase their value over time, especially if they are made by the top watchmakers of the world.

Of course, you have to take proper care of your collectible watches to entice potential buyers. Some buyers will pay well for timepieces that are serviced timely and in excellent working condition, even if they are not from top brands.

So, how to take care of your watches to be able to sell them at the most competitive price? Here are some tips on how to increase the value of your watch.

Maintain Its Good Condition

The condition of a pre-owned watch is one of the biggest factors that can drive up its value. A prospective buyer will always look at the timepiece if its in good working condition. If indeed he/she finds your watch in pristine condition, there’s a high chance you’ll get more money from the resale.

But the question is: how can you tell if a luxury watch is in good condition? Most watch collectors will aspire for “mint condition” when buying a luxury timepiece. Anything that can drag down the condition of your watch from that level will depreciate its value. 

Some watches can withstand different elements and treatments. Still, you need to make sure that you handle them with care. You should keep them in a safe or in its original box when you’re not wearing them. Moreover, you should prevent them from getting wet.

Don’t Polish It

Newbies will probably think that polishing their watches is one way to keep its shine and its pristine appearance. What they don’t know is that many collectors consider this act as a mortal sin. Polishing will only do more harm than good to your beloved luxury timepieces.

For instance, polishing may cause tiny scratches on the surface and wear away the edges of the casing. It may also cause blur or imperfection on the lug-twist and the bezel of the watch. If you want to clean your watch, you should do ultrasonic cleaning for it. Make sure to place it in a container that can’t scratch the metal, then clean it using ultrasonic cleaners.

Service It Regularly

Getting your watch service regular is one of the ways to keep it in good condition and increase its value. You should research about the service requirements of the top watch brands if you’re planning to have your watch a full maintenance service. Different brands have different stages for maintaining a luxury watch.  

You also have to consider the full-service interval of a particular watch you own. For Rolex, the recommended service interval for it is every two years. For Omega watches, a 3-year service interval is advisable. 

What happens in full maintenance service? Typically, specialists will check and protect key performance elements of a watch. They will disassemble and clean the various parts and replace worn parts. Seals will also be replaced. Once reassembled, they will put oil on the moving parts and regulate the watch.

Keep All the Original Documents

Selling a pre-owned watch without its original document won’t fetch you much money. The original documents and relevant paperwork will make sure that your watch is authentic. So, if you buy rolex online, for instance, you should ensure that it has the necessary papers so that when you resell it, you’ll retain or increase its value.


Luxury watches are great investments. You can resell them for more than their original price, given that they are in good working condition and authentic. You can take note of the tips above on how to increase the resale value of your luxury watch.