5 Advantages of Availing Online Conveyancing Services


Kate Westall, World Executives Digest |  The term conveyancing is widely misunderstood, although it has a very simple meaning. Conveyancing is simply a branch of law that deals with the transfer of legal title of a real home from one owner to another. It is the responsibility of the buyer’s solicitor to ensure that there are no legal hassles with the new property, and he can even pose questions to the seller’s solicitor to ensure that the legal process is safe and protects the interests of the buyer.

With the advent of the internet, most services can now be availed online with just a click.  Here are why online conveyancing services beneficial.

  • It is more affordable

The difference between traditional conveyancing charges and online conveyancing charges is that a solicitor would charge you your billing amount after the entire process is over in case of traditional conveyancing. On the other hand, for online services, you would get a quote upfront before the services start. This allows you to stay within your budget, get an upfront quote and probably end up saving a lot of unnecessary money and hassle which would come with traditional conveyancing.

  • You can track the case online

In case of traditional conveyancing, you would not be able to track the progress of your case in real time, and would have to wait to speak to your solicitor about your case at the end of the working day. However, with the online version of this, you would be able to track the progress of your case without any difficulty. This luxury lets you know where you stand and the estimated time within which your work will be completed and what actions are still outstanding.

  • Transparency

The advent of online forums has made it so much easier for buyers and sellers to get to know about each other. As a buyer, you can find out information, get genuine reviews and referrals about the property, the seller and even about your online solicitor. This might not have been as easy to do without the help of the internet and technology. You can view the records and the audit trail of the jobs that are being completed for your case, and how many pending jobs are remaining for your case to successfully complete.

  • Get in touch after working hours

The luxury and comfort of getting in touch with your solicitor and your case has been made easy with online conveyancing. You can simply leave an email, or a text and you might even be able to get in touch with the respective person even after working hours. There are times when you need to get in touch during working hours, but it is not possible due to some issues. You can simply leave your message and you will get a response as soon as your message is viewed.

  • Ease of sending documents

The legal process of online conveyancing consists of several documents and forms which need to be signed, sent and received. With the entire process being done online, it is now easier to send documents, forms, even signatures, and make payments online. This process is almost instant and very useful for the documents and forms which are urgent. It is also easy for the solicitor to get to work at any time of the day without having to waste precious time on commutation. This makes the whole process very easy quick, and hassle free.

Where most things are easily being done online, conveyancing is also one of the services that can be easily done online and proves to be more affordable than the traditional process.