5 Creative Recycling Wooden Pallets Ideas

Image Credit : https://www.pexels.com/

Anna Wrench, World Executives Digest | When it comes to interior décor and design, one mostly considers about the wall paints, wooden furnishings and floor tiles. Some people may even think about the ornamental decoration pieces. However, one thing that most people tend to overlook is wooden pallets. Have you ever thought how wooden pallets can spruce up the interior and exterior décor of your home? If not, then you need to consider them carefully as these will lead to a distinguishing feature for your home. Soon, you will be the point of envy for everyone around. Let’s see how wooden pallets can help you achieve a perfect decor for your home sweet home.

  • Standing garden

What if you are a lover of plants, but do not have enough space in your home to setup a garden? If there is no horizontal space, then go vertical. The wooden pallets can be arranged in a vertical fashion and the spaces between the pallets can pack plants. The vertical garden is simply one of the best ornamental pieces that you can have in your home. You just need a roll of landscaping paper, staple gun, sandpaper, nails and hammer, soil and some beautiful plants. This is a DIY project which you can do on your own and complete it in a few hours.

  • Coffee table

If you are a lover of caffeine, then you must know about a very unique use of wooden pallets. Arrange the pallets in the shape of a cuboid and add wheels at the bottom. This coffee table can be easily moved from one place to another within your home. Being inexpensive and functional, this kind of a furniture piece will be a star attraction in your home and will certainly enhance the liveliness of your home interiors. This kind of table can be quickly made and can be a very good DIY project to involve your kids on a weekend.

  • Bookshelf

If you are a book lover, then here is something that you can build for yourself in a matter of few hours and give a boost your reading speed. Get some wooden pallets and nail them together in the form of a box or a wedge. Then add shelves inside the article. This can make up for a great bookshelf. Just imagine a bookshelf with a rustic touch. This can form a part of your reading room or even the garden outside and you would love picking out books from this beautiful bookshelf.

  • Shoe organizer

The wooden pallets can be the ideal option for creating a shoe organizer. No wonder, you want to keep your home clean and would not like shoes to be strewn around in your place. The best thing to do is to create a home for your shoes too. Creating a shoe stack from the pallets is not a difficult task at all, and you can simply connect the pallets to each other to form a stack. Try having different shelves for each kind of shoe, so that you can segregate the formal shoes from casual ones and sports ones too.

  • Swing

Something for the exterior design, you can buy long wooden pallets and create a swing out it. You just need to arrange pallets parallelly and hammer it on two pallets on both ends kept at right angles to these parallel pallets. Hang the seat with a pair of chains and make a swing out of it.

Let these ideas adorn your home and make it the best and most envious home in the society. Your home will be soon the talk of town and you will be sought after by many people in the neighborhood for advice.