5 Emerging Rewards That Keeps Employees Stagnant

Emerging Rewards

WorldExecutivesDigest.com |  Employees work just as hard as managers do, and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. We do not know what people may be going through when they are at home. Some people come to work and forget about all their problems and leave them at the door, before walking into their job. Helping employees feel special not just helps them to love their job but also gives them a sense of appreciation and happiness.

Custom Shopping Events & Race For Rewards

A custom shopping event is when a vendor comes in and provides a “shopping experience” for employees. You can do this at the job site or at another location and people can pick from various gifts. If you know your employees well, you can pick gifts that are appropriate and centred around what they would need. Items with high value tend to be 74% better to employees than other types of rewards. 

Race for rewards is a scavenger unit that is set up either at the office or another location. The winning team members get to choose their products and this results in a group exercise and improves employee engagement. If an employee is allowed to choose their rewards, they will choose something that has value to them. This is good for you as a manager too because you are spending time with your employees.

A Smile Committee

The smile committee is responsible for celebrating corporate milestones or employee birthdays. First, the committee speaks to employees to better understand what they like and what their values are. This helps employees feel cared about and know that someone is valuing their needs and interests.

Themed Rewards & Philanthropic Day

Themed rewards such as seasonal activities, holidays and cultural trends help show a successful promotional approach to your employees. This approach has been used for years by retailers and it is an approach that works. A themed reward can be an award that gets passed on to different employees. 

An example is if you are running an employee of the week program, you can put the award on an employee’s desk. The employee can then pass this on to the next recipient, and when the award is full and can’t withstand any more modification, it can be put on a display or in a trophy case. Another way to reward employees is to give them a day off to volunteer at a charity of their liking. 

Employees will do something to help the community and you can ask them to write an article about it and put it on the company website. If you are a boss and cannot figure out ways to reward your hard-working employees, you can check out various websites such as Global Reward Solutions, which is one of the leading reward-management systems that help you reward your employees in incredible ways and helps you to increase the performance of recognition programs. This website allows you to choose from millions of reward programs in 185 countries.

Rewarding employees allows you to have better-quality employees which add value to your business. If you keep employees for a long period of time you can reduce the stress and need to find new employees. If your employees feel devoted to you, they will look out for you because they will feel that you are looking out for them. 

If you care for your employees, this will cause you to have a healthier business. Saying a simple “thank you” to your employees will help boost their self-esteem. Everyone likes being appreciated and told that they have done a good job.