5 Excellent Uses Of Cherry Pickers For Different Purposes


Cherry pickers are cranes having a railed platform connected at one end to lift workers to complete specific tasks at higher elevations. It is one of the diverse pieces of equipment used in various construction industries. While the original purpose of designing this equipment is to pick cherries from trees, this versatile machinery is also great to work with overhead cables.

It is easy to transport from one place to another and also easy to set up using a hydraulic stabilizer. They are designed to be as weightless and sturdy as possible. It endeavors a great functional casing for their size, with operational heights ranging from 9 m (30ft) to over 21 m (69ft).

Safety is crucial when carrying out jobs at certain heights, and cherry pickers make that work easy, safe, and secure. It is being used to assist with “n” number of jobs. Here are the top 5 uses:

Repairing Overhead Cables and Electricity Poles

A few decades ago, workers were given ladders and climbing equipment to reach the top of electricity poles, but often resulted in falls, worker fatalities and life-threatening situations. 

Having miles of electricity poles repaired and maintained around the world is a skilled job. With cherry pickers, repairing defects on electricity poles have become extremely easy and efficient. For people employed in this job, a cherry picker is an essential part of their daily routine to assure that they can easily reach the point to be worked on.

Picking Fruits in Orchards

As the name itself suggests, cherry pickers are used to pick fruit from branches that are higher up in orchards. There is no fear of falling from a height, and it makes the fruit-picking task quicker, safer, and more efficient.

However, employees need to obtain cherry picker certification to boost productivity, prevent accidents, and help to maintain workplace safety. Areas such as machine operation, health and safety, and emergency control must be covered before proficiency to operate is gained.

Building Maintenance

A building requires cleaning and painting at a certain height and often at odd angles. While a ladder is probably being taken as an option, a cherry picker provides more security, mobility and safety. Its versatility makes easy for workers to handle the tasks effortlessly while working on a specific height.

For Construction Work

It is no surprise that construction work involves working on the ground as well as at heights. However, often, working at heights also invites falls, fatalities, and major injuries.

A cherry picker ensures a worker to reach the areas they want much efficiently and safely. It gives workers flexibility and freedom to complete a job using both hands, whereas a ladder is more prone to slip, which can cause severe accidents.

It is undoubtedly a crucial piece of equipment and helps you to get the job done correctly, whether the task demands for installing windows, building maintenance, or performing construction work.

Fire Services

Fire can not only cause severe injuries, but also major property damage. Firefighters across the globe risk their lives to release people trapped inside. This type of situation, especially calls for equipment, which is not only fireproof, but also can perform multiple tasks at a time, unlike a ladder.

With the use of cherry pickers, multiple rescues can be done easily at the same time. It means that firefighters no more require extra workers for assistance while rescuing and returning to the ground.  

Today, cherry pickers are one of the essential pieces of equipment in various industries, including warehouse, construction, mining, entertainment, and more. Further, its applications and usage constantly growing as industries recognize its amazing benefits!