5 Golden Rules for Birthday Party Catering

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Tanya Froy, World Executives Digest |  The familiarity and inevitability of birthdays have given these occasions an irrefutable impression of being the simplest of all. With wedding and bachelorette parties overwhelming the stance of birthday parties, the carefree attitude invested in the latter leads to dismissal of certain basic rules. There is no denying that birthday party catering involves lesser hassles than weddings, yet you should worry about the golden rules. When you arrange a birthday party, you need to include multiple things in your list like, catering, decorating, guest services, drinks, event venue and lots more. It is better to consult with a birthday party catering service in this regard as they can easily arrange all your needs, along with the birthday cake.

How would you arrange a birthday party?

Certain hard and fast rules encompass the arrangement of birthday parties especially the catering. Check out the following golden rules if you want to give a benchmark catering service:

#1. Themed menus create excellent first impressions

This is especially for those who want to organize a party wholesomely. Since this is not a budget menu, the themed ideas would require extra commitment and a good communication between the arranger and the catering head. Delve into the details to ensure that the theme is to be carried out diligently and that every food item resonates with the theme some way or the other. Right from vegetable to non-vegetarian items, it is a professional party decorator who can be given the entire list to take care of the full event.

#2. Match the decorations with the personality of the birthday boy/girl

This is one of the golden rules for a birthday party catering, yet most people overlook it in lieu of including the latest pop culture trend. Matching the decorations with his/her favorite shows, hobbies, or books would relate better to his/her personality. Apart from that, you need to include some accessories for your guests and you can also buy some small return gifts for them.

#3. Street foods make an excellent entrée platter

If you want the guests to enjoy finger food and appetizers, then an entrée menu sounds perfect. Yet, undertaking the huge responsibility of preparing food for all the guests sounds not only tiring but challenging, too. Birthday parties get easier if you depend on reputed street food vendors for filling up your entrée menu. They are fast-paced, diligent and deliver the best junk food hands-down. Even the party caterer can also arrange the same for you and they can also include some snacks items along with your favorite beverages for your guests.

#4. Make a strict schedule for all the arrangements

One of the keys to birthday parties successfully is to make timely arrangements with the florist, the caterer, the electric man and others. In addition, do not forget to double check the time when the guests would start streaming in and when the birthday boy/girl would reach the destination.

#5. Fusion food never disappoints

This might be looked upon as playing safe, as most of the party lovers are worshippers of the fusion food. Several birthday parties are now opting for the fusion combination, which mostly comes out with positive results. The most popular theme in the fusion category is the ‘East Meets West’ where the western cuisine undergoes a spicy fusion to emerge as mindboggling tongue ticklers.

It is better to opt for food that is easier to prepare on the day prior to the event if you are making the arrangements yourself. Not only is the food served fresh, but also adds a warmth to the catered birthday party. Hiring a professional is easy but might incur unnecessary expenses, whereas taking it upon yourself to organize a birthday event for a loved one is revered and cherished.