5 Lifestyle Changes to Consider to Manage Diabetes

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 5 Lifestyle Changes to Consider to Manage Diabetes | Diabetes, a growing health concern not only in the Philippines but all around the world, basically refers to your a chronic disease relating to your insulin. Whether you’re a Type 1 diabetic (insulin-dependent), Type 2 diabetic, or a gestational diabetic, lifestyle changes are advised so as to lessen the risks caused by diabetes. To help you, here are simple ways to manage your condition:

  1. Exercise.

While being active sure takes a lot of time and energy, you could always squeeze in simple exercises at home or at the office as you work. You could walk on your way to the office or on your way home to give you a little sweat and to make your heart pumping. Also, try to do an hour to two of high-intensity exercise on your free time, with activities such as swimming, brisk walking, cycling, running, and the like.

Activities like these could not only make you lose some pounds but could also help bring down your blood sugar.

  1. Manage stress.

Though this may not be as easy as you may think, managing stress is all in the mind. If you set a thinking that everything will turn out fine today, then it surely will. Whenever you feel like something’s coming up, do deep breaths and focus on what relaxes you.

  1. Quit smoking

While smoking could lead to certain illnesses such as lung cancer, heart disease, bronchitis, and emphysema, it could also lead to type 2 diabetes. Diabetics who smoke could worsen your condition as you can be more prone to stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, and the like. Some people couldn’t quit smoking in a snap, so it’s best to lessen the number of sticks you smoke in a day until you learn how to control and avoid it.

  1. Reduce fat intake

If you’re fond of eating chips, crisps, and biscuits, then it’s time to make a change. Cut down on these kinds of food which may have saturated fat. Instead, go for lean meat such as skinless chicken and turkey and have them grilled or steamed rather than fried.

  1. Cut down on sugary food

People may perceive sugar as the main reason for diabetes, but even as for some types, it isn’t the main culprit, always see to it to control your sugar intake. Instead of snacking on cakes, candies, and soda, replace them with fruits for a healthier choice.

And if you aren’t into fruits as your main meal, try DiabetaMil Cookies, a meal replacement made especially for Diabetics. DiabetaMil Cookies come in Vanilla and Nutty Chocolate flavors with no sugar added, a really good alternative to pastries and other sweet food for any time of the day.

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