5 Major Reasons Why Blogging Is a Doorway into Global Ecommerce Enterprising

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Ecommerce has quickly become one of the biggest driving forces in the international economy. It is estimated that the total sales in ecommerce will multiply threefold from the 2014 sales figure by 2021.

This is not just relevant for the B2C market. B2B now makes up for a major chunk of the ecommerce domain. In fact, a recent study showed that B2B has a 234.78% larger market size than B2C at $7.7 trillion as compared to B2C’s $2.3 trillion. This means that the biggest chunk of ecommerce business happens between companies.

All of this points to the need for bigger and better brand representation across the internet. And one of the best and most cost-effective ways of doing that is blogging. If you are wondering about creating an ecommerce blog, here are some reasons to give it a serious consideration.

Top Reasons to Host an Ecommerce Blog

  • High Ranking on Search Engines

It is a fairly well-known fact that more pages mean more content and more content means more food for Google. SEO has long relied on blogs to garner top rankings of search engines and organic traffic. There are a ton of SEO tactics like internal linking, keyword saturation etc. that are constantly used by successful websites to market their products and services. At the same time, new pages added result in the site being considered active. This also contributes to maintaining a good rank.

  • Attention Grabbing and Customer Base Building

Ecommerce brands always thrive on the reputation they maintain. Blogs are the perfect way of establishing and enhancing market reputation. They basically serve as lightning rods for drawing sales and can be used to create online store mobile app sensations. If your blog garners attention over a decent length of time, then it is sure to develop a following. Then you can use this following to pitch new products and brand building activities to an active follower base. All of this will convert into traffic and leads in an upward incline.

  • Blogging Lets You Exhibit Expertise

One of the key aspects of blogging is to reach out to new clients and exhibit your industry knowledge. This can be with respect to any product you sell. If you provide verified information and valuable analysis of the same, then people will naturally take your blog for a reliable source. This is indeed how many digital marketing companies like Moz and Yoast maintain their bedrock of visitors. It is also a key method of driving people to use your ecommerce mobile app.

  • Blogging Allows Using Social Media Influencers

Using public figures to pitch products has long been a marketing and advertising trope. In the digital age, it has taken the form of social media influencing. Take any well-known personage from your domain and consider the business prospects you can get by having them appear on your blog. Imagine when you create an online store app, it is endorsed by a public luminary. That is sure to blast off your mobile ecommerce venture into the stratosphere.

  • Blogging Allows for Personalization

International ecommerce sales are now kicking into high gear. The balance of power in terms of ecommerce sales has moved outside of the Western world. The biggest ecommerce markets are emerging in Asia and so, no ecommerce company can ignore that.

Part of the process for capturing these markets is catering to them in their own language and currency. This is vital as conversion rates differ wildly between the two.

Blogging through native language speakers and such is a great way to showcase the internationality of the company and endorse its products. Couple that with multinational, multilingual shopping cart app development and you have a bankable multinational revenue stream.


With the proliferation of smartphones across the world, the ecommerce domain is expanding exponentially. In this market, it is a cardinal sin not to create an online store app and use it to the best effect. However, promotion is also vital for the success of such apps. One of the best ways of doing that is through dedicated blogs. And of course, blogs will serve a ton of other purposes as well. All in all, blogging is a vital necessity for ecommerce and every entrepreneur should look to invest in it judiciously.

Author bio:
Rakesh Jain is a CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce, an eCommerce website & mobile app development company having a team of best app developers who deliver best eCommerce solutions mainly on Magento and PrestaShop platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites. You can connect with him on Twitter.