5 Myths About Oral Health

oral health
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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 5 Myths About Oral Health | Research shows that your oral health is directly linked with the overall health of your body. That means it’s essential to have regular dental checkups, even if your teeth feel and look fine.

After all, the dentist can see things that you can’t and they have the specialist knowledge that you don’t have.

This is also why it’s important that you look after your teeth and all aspects of your oral health, and why you need to be aware of the most common oral health myths. This will help to prevent you from completing actions that may actually be harmful to your health.

  • Only Sugar Causes Decay

Sugar is a risk factor for decay, it combines with bacteria in your mouth to produce an acid that then attacks your teeth. Of course, sugar is needed by your body but excessive consumption of sugar has been linked with tooth decay, diabetes, increased risk of heart disease, and a variety of other age-related health issues.

But, sugar is not the only enemy for your teeth. Any food particles can lead to erosion of enamel. Not cleaning your teeth properly can be just as harmful as the sugar you eat. That’s why you need a good dentist who will ensure you have any fillings or even dental veneers that you need.

  • Have Sugar Free drinks Instead

The theory is that if the drink doesn’t have sugar in it then it can’t be bad for your teeth. Unfortunately, diet drinks or sugar-free drinks still have high levels of acidity, this acid will attack your teeth and over time destroy the enamel covering. 

It’s also worth noting that sugar-free drinks can have an array of chemicals in to replicate the flavor of the sugared alternative. These chemicals can be damaging to your teeth and other parts of your body.

  • Fluoride in water is bad

There has been some research that suggests fluoride I drinking water can increase the risk of cancer. However, at this moment research is still ongoing and nothing has been proven.

However, research has already shown that adding fluoride to the water does reduce incidents of tooth decay as the fluoride helps to rebuild enamel.

Fluoride is already in drinking water, it’s added at the treatment center.

  • If you have white teeth you have good oral health

White teeth look good, it’s what everyone in Hollywood aspires to get. But, just because you have white teeth doesn’t mean that they are healthy. 

Issues on the inner side of your teeth may not show until the problem is serious, you won’t be able to see them but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. That’s why you need regular dental visits and a good oral hygiene plan.

In shot brush and floss every day.

  • Whitening damages teeth

There is some truth to this. Older whitening products can cause damage to the enamel on your teeth, which makes you more vulnerable to tooth decay.

However, modern products are much safer, especially if you have the procedure done at your dentist. Of course, as with anything, if you do it at home make sure you follow the instructions properly if you don’t you do risk damaging your teeth. Of course, as with anything, if you do it at home make sure you follow the instructions properly if you don’t you do risk damaging your teeth and having to visit the Dentist in Endicott