5 Overlooked Tech Security Risks in the Workplace

Overlooked Tech Security Risks in the Workplace

WED | 5 Overlooked Tech Security Risks in the Workplace | 2020 marked a massive outbreak not just of physical disease, but cybersecurity risks as well. Nearly 737 million total files were breached last year. This means that millions of customers for various companies had their identities exposed or stolen.

With such shocking numbers in mind, it’s clear why every workplace should care about security risks in the digital age. Here are 5 tech security risks your workplace is likely overlooking:

  1. BYOD Security Risks

BYOD (bring your own device) lets your employees bring their tech from home and use it for work. This also makes it easier for them to take work home with them.

However, many employees are far less stringent about their security protocols than most IT departments. This causes serious BYOD risks in the long run.

  1. Poor Password Protection

It’s common knowledge by now that one password shouldn’t give someone the keys to your entire digital kingdom. However, many employees do just that, with a password that wouldn’t hold up under intense scrutiny. Not only that but if you don’t cycle through passwords on a regular basis, you leave yourself wide open to cybersecurity attacks.

  1. Sharing Credentials is Not Caring

When it comes to IT, your employees are your weakest security link. They’ll ask co-workers to log them in if they feel like they’re running late, give login credentials to someone claiming to be new to the company, or share login credentials over the phone with an unverified client.

Hackers are well-attuned to the kind of social engineering schemes they can use with unprepared employees. If they can appeal to a worker’s empathy and the consequences for bending security protocols aren’t harsh and immediate, they have an opening they can use.

  1. Uneven Updating

Speaking of leaving openings for hackers, when was the last time your company conducted a full system update? Whether you run your business off of Google, Windows, Mac, or some other OS, it should update regularly. Not allowing updates to run their course is one of the biggest security risks you can take.

Many of the worst data breaches in recent history have exploited vulnerabilities left unpatched by people who refuse to update their computers.

  1. Lack of Training

All of the situations listed above can be avoided with consistent, updated training. It’s not enough to have a single training session upon hiring about cybersecurity in the workplace.

Tech is a fast-moving field, and hackers can move even faster. This is why you should make clear, concise, and consistent cybersecurity training a regular part of your business.

Let’s Review

As our workplaces become more digital over time, so do our security risks. Your business would do well to ensure consistent training from the top down on password hygiene, avoiding social engineering, proper BYOD protocols, and other ways to prevent cyber attacks. If not, you might be on the list for the next big data breach.

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