5 Perks of Having Business Mobile Plans vs. Regular Plans

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In this modern age, technology has become an integral part of life. In fact, it has become the key to more effective and efficient communication, which is essential for a business to succeed.

For this reason and more, applying for the best business mobile plan for your company is an important decision you have to make.

The quality of your mobile plan directly affects your firm and is considered a reflection of its competence and professionalism. This is why reliable and modernized communication has become widely sought by seasoned entrepreneurs. Many of them have even started to realize the benefits of business mobile plans over personal ones when sharing data and communicating both inside and outside the company.

To help you decide whether to apply or not, here are five great perks that many firms with business mobile plans enjoy:

  • Company Data Security

Data security is a major consideration when it comes to mobile plans as it would make or break a company’s success. That said, the use of an employee’s personal phones for business-related transactions rather than business mobile plans might put the company’s data at risk.

This case becomes more serious if the device used for crucial transactions is stolen, lost, or remains in the possession of an employee who has been separated from the organization.

  • Cost and Tax Savings

Business mobile plans help save costs both on taxes and the calls themselves. Businesses registered with the government – either in partnership or trust – can claim tax deductions for communication expenses and mobile use under business mobile plans.

On top of that, calls made using business mobile plans are often set at a lower rate. In some cases, the plans also come with features that significantly reduce the expense of long-distance or international call costs. In addition, there are bundled mobile plans exclusively made for businesses which provide free or unlimited calls and SMS between registered users under the same company.

  • Better Customer Service (Both Ways)

The quality of customer service provided to business mobile plan holders is also one of the biggest perks of acquiring such a service. For example, the replacement of malfunctioning company-registered mobile phones often has faster turnaround time compared to those released via personal phone plans.

On the other hand, business mobiles also have more features that can be useful for the company’s own customer support system. For instance, business mobile phones can be linked to one another, and this makes collaboration much easier. These devices may also come with systems and apps that can be used to address customer concerns more efficiently, with the company data fully shareable across all registered business phones.

  • Scalability and Convenience

Other key advantages of applying for a business mobile plan are scalability and convenience. Unlike personal mobile phones, the number of business-registered devices can be easily increased should the company start to grow. In most cases, adding mobile devices to the list of linked accounts is also a lot easier.

To top that off, everything – from the bills to the payment – is collated within a single business account which makes transactions with the telecom company hassle-free.

  • Data Allocation Sharing for More Efficient Operations

Personal mobile plans have separate data and call allocations. When your business starts to grow into a multi-personnel enterprise, there is a high chance that the data allocation may need to be adjusted. This is where business mobile plans can make a difference.

Mobile phones under the same business plan can redistribute the allocation where it is needed. Not only are you able to maximize your mobile plan, but you also ensure efficiency in your business operations by preventing potentially lost clientele due to missed calls and messages.

A Final Word

From customer service to cost-efficiency and convenience, business mobile plans are created to accommodate the needs that are unique to a business. While personal mobile plans may still be the most viable option for sole traders and professionals, companies with more than one employee would benefit better under a collective mobile plan.


Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.