5 Places to Schmooze Your Clients in Marietta, GA


Helena George, WED |  As a savvy business person, you know that the most important part of sealing the deal is making that first impression memorable. Paperwork can be handled over the phone or email, but the personal connection with a potential client can only be done right, face to face. If your next business trip is taking you to Marietta, GA, here are our top five places to meet your potential clients, no matter the time of day or personal preference.

Aspens West Cobb for First Time Meetings

There are business meetings you want to keep casual and homey but sophisticated enough to impress your client, especially if you’re meeting for the first time. At Aspens West Cobb, the warm wood tones and the crackling fire in the stone fireplace set the tone for a laid-back meal at a classic American steakhouse.

Mountain Biscuits for Early Morning Business

Like to get the most important things done first thing in the morning? Consider taking your client out for coffee or breakfast. Breakfast spots may seem like an unusual spot to do business, but if you have room for maneuver to do something different, meet your client in a relaxing and family-friendly place like Mountain Biscuits. The atmosphere will help take the edge off any negotiation, and their homemade biscuits come so highly recommended that they’re a great way to sweeten the deal.

Seed Kitchen & Bar for the Mindful Client

Listening closely and picking up on your client’s special traits is crucial to your success. Mindful consumers look for places that are true to their core value of supporting local businesses. If this is what your client is about, show them that you pay attention and care over lunch at Seed Kitchen & Bar. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant sources its seasonal ingredients from local producers whenever possible. The bright, clean, and airy décor is set to impress.

City Club Marietta for the Busy Client

golf1Image via Flickr by Presidio of Monterey: DLIFLC & USAG

A lot of business deals still happen on the golf course. Since time is money, combine a leisure activity with a meeting at City Club Marietta. This 103-year-old golf club is conveniently located near the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Conference Center but secluded enough to discuss private matters and make important business decisions.

The Hilton Atlanta/Marietta for Convenience

What is more convenient than holding a business meeting at a hotel with a conference center? Most places may look too impersonal to impress but that isn’t the case with the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Conference Center. The upscale style you’ll find in the hotel lobby is mirrored in the meeting rooms, so you don’t have to worry about disappointing your client with a sudden change of scenery. These days it’s almost impossible to do business without an internet connection, so the hotel’s equipped with high speed Wi-Fi.

Of course, it takes more than the perfect location to close a successful deal but sometimes setting the atmosphere can mean a nudge in the right direction. One of these five locations in Marietta could be the birthplace of your new professional milestone.