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World Executives DigestIn the age of smartwatches and smartphones, people tend to overlook the traditional wristwatch as something redundant. Many believe that the watch is simply there to tell time. Since their phone has a clock, they believe that there is no need for a wristwatch anymore. However, there are still many advantages to having a traditional wristwatch as compared to relying on your phone or even a smartwatch to tell time. 


A wristwatch is the most convenient way to tell time, and it is also the least distracting. Having to pull out your phone in the middle of a busy train while on your morning commute to work is not only inconvenient but also risky and dangerous. It is much easier to just take a glance at your wrist. For situations such as church activities, theatres, etc., it is also more respectful to check the time on your watch than taking out your mobile phone.

The origin of the wristwatch came from soldiers in WWI that had difficulty checking the time on their pocket watches and found more practicality from looking at a wristwatch. Time was vital in the military as it was used as a reference for synchronized operations during the war. It made much more sense to have a watch on their wrist than to have a pocket watch to carry around together with the rest of their gear. Much like many other items that found their origins in the military, the efficiency, convenience, and practicality of using a wristwatch cannot be disputed. 


An advantage of a wristwatch is its longevity. The batteries on watches last years without missing a beat, while smartphones and smartwatches need to be charged daily. As soon as your phone runs out of battery, it needs to be connected to the internet just so it can tell what time it is.

Also, some wristwatches have additional functionality through complications. These can include day-date complications which show the day of the week and the date or a chronograph complication which is more commonly known as a stopwatch.


Phones and smartwatches have many features, but these can be detrimental once these become distractions. When you check your phone for the current time, it will often be tied together with notifications from emails to messages, from Facebook comments to Instagram likes. The same goes for smartwatches. Often, you just want to keep track of time, without all the distractions, and the wristwatch is perfect for that need.


Watches are not only functional but also stylish. When it comes to accessories for men, they are very limited as to what they can use to accessorize. Watches are the perfect accessory for any style or occasion as they are so versatile. For example, the bands of watches can always be switched out to create a completely different look. 

Watches are also a personal statement; a form of self-expression. With the different styles of watches, people who wear watches can project that they are sporty, minimalist, adventurous, classy, etc., all through the kind of watch they wear. 

5.Timeliness and Timelessness

Time is considered the most valuable resource, and what better way to tell yourself and others that you value time than with something dedicated to keeping track of it. Time dictates the pace of our lives. When we wake up, when we sleep, meetings, dates, activities, all are dictated by time. Time is important, so watches that keep track of time are just as important.

Watches are also an investment. Watches are not bought to be worn once. They are bought for today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. Wristwatches are timeless and that they will always be relevant because there will always be a need to tell time. Their value also does not diminish over time like a smartwatch or a smartphone. After a year, the smartwatch you are wearing now would be replaced with a newer model and the one you are stuck with will end up irrelevant while watches have a greater possibility of increasing in value over time.

As this list shows, there is a great variety of watches out there. For newcomers, this might seem overwhelming. However, the best way to determine which is the best watch for you is to just put it on your wrist and to get a feel for it. Finding a high-quality timepiece here in the Philippines can be difficult, especially under a certain budget, but the folks at Watch Store Ph and Tempus can help. Their retail stores and accommodating, professional staff are there to ensure that your experience is anything but difficult. They are there to help you find the watch that is right for you.


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