5 Reasons to Thank Delivery Guys Today

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 5 Reasons to Thank Delivery Guys Today | Every day, in every part of the world, delivery guys drive from a city to another to bring to you a mail you’ve been expecting, or a surprise package sent by a friend overseas. No matter what the weather is, they’ve got no choice but to deliver packages. Even when they haven’t been to the specified address, or when it’s already late at night, they will bring your stuff straight to your doorstep.

For some, they might have experienced late deliveries or boxes with minimal damages, but these things really aren’t expected and cannot be avoided. Delivery guys go the distance just for you to be able to get your things in hand when you yourself couldn’t get them or won’t be able to get them when you need them, right? Here are more reasons why you should sincerely thank delivery guys:

1. They go through the farthest streets and towns.

When some receivers couldn’t pick a package up on designated pick up counters, delivery guys have to do their job no matter how far the address. They go the extra mile just to make sure that you would receive your cargo just when you need it.

2. They brave heavy rains or the striking sun.

Though they ride vans or trucks to reach their destinations, it’s not always a sunny day for delivery guys. Even when packages are covered with bubble wraps, plastic cover, or are inside boxes, they still have the responsibility to take care of your parcels as they deliver it. For some, they even use their umbrellas to cover the boxes alone so customers wouldn’t rage over wet plastic pouches or delivery boxes.

3. They don’t just deliver your package in one day, but every other drop-off that they could reach within the day.

Even when there are lots of express courier companies in the Philippines and all around the world, many there are more people who need their services rather than the actual number of delivery guys. It sure isn’t easy to deliver more than 20 packages in one day especially when the addresses are cities or towns apart, so what more when one delivery guy has to deliver 50-100 packages in a day?

4. They deliver even a piece of paper or a t-shirt.

It really is unavoidable to send a package which contains a single piece of clothing which you left at your friend’s house or a document which your office have to send to a client. No matter what the value of your parcel is, delivery guys would send it in one piece to the given address.

5. They come in time for your birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

To those who regularly send gifts and packages on special occasions, many receivers eagerly expect delivery guys as the Santa Claus to their Christmas, or the fairy godmother on their birthdays. It may seem just like having your eyes twinkle in excitement when someone knocks at your door because you’re sure to receive a nice present through a delivery guy.

If a delivery guy knocks at your door today, give them the best “Thank you!” you could give for the effort that they do to people who needs their services like you. You may also want to give them a tip for bringing home your boxes without a scratch or tear.

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