5 Rules For Strong And Healthy Hair Growth

Rules For Strong And Healthy Hair Growth
Are you currently suffering from hideous hair fall? Do not be panicked. Check out our five tips to naturally boost your hair growth.

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 5 Rules For Strong And Healthy Hair Growth Everyone is dreaming about getting dark, thick, silky, smooth rapunzel hair. But growing long hair and maintaining hair health is not an easy task. Most men and women are suffering from unnatural hair loss because of the hectic daily routine and the life struggle.

Most of the general people are losing approx 10 to 30 hair strands per day. For thick and long hair, the falling of 50 to 100 hair strands is also natural. If you start losing more than these, you must be prepared to take a high step to prevent hair loss.

 Because when you are losing less than the 20 trends, that means new hair is growing. After the life of the hair strands, these are fallout. But when you start to see more hair at the time of combining. That means your hairs are falling because of breakage, and the hair follicles are starting to take more time to fill up the gap.

5 Tips To Grow Strong Healthy and Shiny Hair

Do you think growing strong hair is very challenging? But it is pretty straightforward. Only you have to follow some tips to boost your hair naturally.

Here are the five tips for growing strong and long hair.

  • Egg Musk

Give the required food to your hair. Every hair type is different, but this musk gives you a very silky texture of hair. And after one use, you are going to see visibly more minor hair fall than the usual.

Only you have to pick one or two raw eggs and take at least three tablespoons full of pure coconut oil. Beat the egg and mix the whole beaten egg with coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your scalp. It is going to be a little messy. You can wear a shower cap to prevent leakage. Wait for at least 2 hours, then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

  • Take Vitamins

Your hair is made with keratin, and vitamin B is essential to boost your hair growth. Nutritious vitamin-enriched foods and the best liquid vitamins are the best way to supply the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Apart from vitamin B, vitamin A, E, and C three are also taking a leading role in preventing hair fall. If you prefer natural food, then eat fatty fish and nuts to promote faster hair growth. These two have fatty acids and omega-three, and omega-six. Both of these fatty acids are responsible for hair growth.

  • Use Right Hair oil

Pick the right product and the hair oil to promote your hair growth. To improve your hair’s overall health and to reduce hair fall, you have to use the right hair oil. After one month of using the oil, you will see visible improvement in your hair growth.

When you want to pick the right products for your hair, check out the cantharidine oil benefits. You are going to see many benefits of using this product. Always choose the hair oil which is natural and without adding any preservatives and synthetic color. Light hair oils are more beneficial for hair as light oils moisturize your hair roots.

  • Protect Your Hair From Sun Rays And Pollution

Sunrays UV protection is all time required when you are going out. The UV rays are harming your hair, like the skin and your body. So always be prepared to use some sun-protective cream or hair spray when you are going out.

As you are growing old, your hair follicles are starting to become more fragile. And when you do not protect your hair from the harmful sun rays, your hair strands become weaker. And begin to break before new strands are going to take place.

  • Use Soft Cotton Towel after Your Hair Wash

Be natural, and do not use any artificial products. Many of you are not agreeing with us on this point. But when you are using harsh hair care products. It is not only going to harm your hair. These all unhealthy products have other toxic side effects.

Always use paraben and sulfate-free hair shampoo. Do not scratch your scalp, and avoid using nails during the hair wash. And do not use hot water for hair wash. Just natural room temperature water is the best for the hair wash. After washing, your hair uses a soft towel to dry up the excess water. Do not rub, and do not apply extra force.

Wrapping It Up:

Hair and nail growth depends on your lifestyle and regular food consumption. So always try to consume healthy and nutritious food to avoid hair fall. If you are currently suffering from a hair loss problem or want to improve your hair’s overall health. These five steps are going to help you. And after applying these tips, you will get to see a big change. So, what types of hair care routine are you currently following? Do not forget to share your opinion with us.