5 Significant People Who Deserve A Thank You Gift

thank you gift

Ber months or not, there really are certain people in your life who may not ask for something in return for their kindness but who surely deserve a gift. You may not realize this, but there are people in your everyday life who do simple things to make your life easier.


To your constant lunch-out buddies, give them restaurant or cafe gift certificates as thank you gift. You must know what food they prefer to eat or which resto they would like to dine in so you know where to buy those GCs, right?


To your loving yaya, she deserves a pamper day. After keeping your house all tidy and neat and you and your things organized, now it’s her turn to relax and get beautified. As a thank you gift, treat her to a trusty spa or nail salon.


To your loud but trust-worthy roommate, say thank you by bringing her a dinner meal that both of you don’t usually eat. After all, she deserves pizza for opening the door for you at 1am when you get home late.


To your BFF who always responds to your messages even during work hours, how about her dream lippie as thank you gift? She sure stocks up on patience because you never run out of rants, so make her feel appreciated by finding her dream lipstick or makeup and send it to her back in your hometown.


And to your family, who’ve always been your support group as you pursue your career in the metro, a basket of goodies will do. Though material things aren’t enough, show them that you do not fail to remember them even when a little too far away by sending in their favorites, all in a basket.


There may be a lot more people that should be on your list, so don’t forget to show how thankful you are as they help you in their own little ways. Even simple gifts matter, just as long as you truly desire to give them these thank you gifts.


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