5 Things to Know Before Buying a New Wallet

5 Things to Know Before Buying a New Wallet
Photo by Geoffrey Crofte on Unsplash

WorldExecutivesDigest | 5 Things to Know Before Buying a New Wallet | A wallet can say a lot about someone. Although it’s rarely seen by others because of its primary function of safeguarding your cash, credit cards, ID, and driving license, it truly represents your identity. How your wallet looks can uncover who you are as a person, whether you’re messy or organized, sloppy or stylish. When it’s time to buy a new wallet, there are some things you first need to consider. To help you make the right choice, here are five things to know before buying a new wallet.  

Start with the size of the wallet

The size of the wallet depends on how many items you need to carry in your pocket. In order to figure out the size of the wallet you need, take everything out of your current wallet and remove anything you don’t use on a daily basis. You’ll most likely get rid of old loyalty cards, stamps, loose change, old receipts you don’t need, etc. In this way, you’ll determine the exact size of the wallet you need. For example, if you’re accustomed to placing your wallet in your chest pocket, you may think about a small-sized wallet. On the other hand, if you prefer using back pockets, then consider buying a bi-fold wallet. 

Think about your style

Most men are more likely to use the same wallet every day on every occasion. However, you should swap your wallets based on your outfit and event. For example, in case you’re going on a casual night out and you’re in your big coat, then you can use your regular bi-fold wallet. But when wearing a suit, this basic bi-fold wallet can look bulky. A much better choice would be a sleek and attractive carbon fiber wallet that would perfectly fit into your jacket pocket without changing the shape of the suit. Carbon fiber wallets are well-known for their unique characteristics giving them a specific appearance that’s impossible to replicate. These wallets can be seen as the best of both worlds; not only are they stylish and classy, but they’re multi-functional and high-tech as well.

Go cashless

Today, we live in a world in which cash is going to be a thing of the past very soon. A large number of businesses are now going cashless, which is why you don’t need a wallet that can hold change. That’s why carbon fiber minimalist wallets are a great choice as they’re both very practical and have a minimalistic and compact design. Don’t worry about the basics like your ID, cash, and credit cards, as all is covered in this slim wallet. You don’t have to stockpile a bunch of stuff you don’t need in your old leather wallet. With a carbon fiber wallet, you can carry a large number of cards and you don’t have to worry about losing them along the way. In case you need cash for things like a parking meter, there are some models that come with a separate money clip in elegant and slim packaging.

Take into account the quality

Another thing that you need to pay attention to before buying a new wallet is what it’s made of or its material. Since a wallet isn’t something you purchase every other week, consider the material it’s made of. For example, when buying a classic leather wallet, remember that not all leather is made equal. The way the leather is treated and colored, together with the source it comes from, will influence the endurance of the product.

Pick a timeless style

Just like with the quality of materials, if you opt for a timeless, classic wallet style, you won’t have to purchase another one when it becomes unstylish. That’s why you need to choose colors like black, brown, or navy that never go out of style. In fact, the most popular styles of wallets are those that are both uncomplicated and practical.

Although a wallet seems like a little and irrelevant item, it can leave a big impression on people around you. So, if you want to make a good impression, pick the right wallet for you using the article above and embrace your new, fresh style.

Photo by Geoffrey Crofte on Unsplash