5 Tips on Choosing Transportation Services for Business Trips


WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 5 Tips on Choosing Transportation Services for Business Trips | Sometimes, it can feel as though the hardest part of a business trip is simply figuring out the logistics. It’s not talking to the clients, it’s not building the presentation. Instead, just trying to get the trip booked and scheduled with the right transportation services seems like the biggest pain.

If you feel that that’s the case in your company travel, then you’re in the right place. Choosing the right transportation services will make everything else fit into place. In this article, we’ll give you a few quick tips that you can start implementing today as you begin the complex process of selecting the right transportation service.

  1. Consider an End-to-End Service

The first thing to consider when choosing transportation services is figuring out what kind of service you want. Do you just want an organization that can arrange rental cars for your employees? Do you want an organization that can identify and book the most cost-effective flight tickets?

Or do you want an organization that can take care of all the aspects of travel, right from the time when your employee leaves their home to when the employee returns home?

Simply put, the latter type—the end-to-end service—is going to be the premier one that will take care of the vast majority of the logistics for you. However, keep in mind that you will pay a large sum in fees for that kind of service.

  1. Focus on Building Rewards Points

With business travel, always focus on building travel rewards as much as possible. Sign up for every loyalty program you can, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to use much of the credits you earn against your business travel.

  1. Use Online Reviews

The wonders of the Internet now allow consumers, more than ever before, to have a good handle on the quality of service that a particular service provider has before they even pick up the phone. Use online review sites to check up on any services that you’re considering signing a contract with.

If they can’t point to a plethora of happy customers willing to sing their praises, chances are that you shouldn’t do business with them.

  1. Know Fleet Reliability

Transportation services are useless if they can’t work. If their fleet isn’t large enough to handle requests when travel demand is high, then they can’t be reliable enough for your company.

  1. Use a Fixed-Base Operator

When choosing chartered or private flight options, look to work with a fixed-base operator, or FBO. This will make your flight booking experience far smoother, and should also enable you to score some lower ticket prices from excellent service providers.

Choosing Transportation Services, Made Easy

There you have it. Equipped with this guide to transportation services, you should now be far better equipped to plan out the logistics of selecting your company’s transportation services.

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