5 Tips to Overcome OFW Homesickness

OFW homesickness

OFWs are known to be the modern-day heroes of our country mainly because of the great sacrifices they do for their families. Aside from traveling to another country to earn money and provide the needs of their families back in the Philippines, OFWs contribute to our economy through their remittances.

As OFWs stay longer abroad to make more money, homesickness becomes unbearable for some. Airfares aren’t cheap and contracts are set with limited vacation leaves, so they’ve got nothing to do but deal with homesickness.

If you’re working abroad, here are tips to help you overcome OFW homesickness:

1. Take advantage of social media.

This is the most practical ways of reaching your loved ones when you miss them the most. Set a schedule when you are free to use your smartphone and when your loved ones back in the Philippines are available for video calls or chats. Take note of your time differences so you could maximize your time for real-time communication. Also, follow pages on Facebook which may help you be updated on what’s happening in the Philippines, to make you feel like you belong.

2. Learn to cook Filipino dishes.

Adobo is undoubtedly one of the Filipino favorites which could take the OFW homesickness away. This Filipino specialty uses a few ingredients which could make you feel like you’re right at home, just as how your mother or wife cooks it for the family. If you’ve got no time to cook or when your ingredients aren’t complete, you may want to find restaurants nearby serving Filipino food to cater to your cravings.

3. Interact with fellow Filipinos.

While it might be true that there is a Filipino anywhere you go, be the usual friendly Filipino and join communities to overcome the OFW homesickness. Usually, Filipinos create groups which gather during holidays or on their free time for feasts, potlucks, or merrymaking, just as how we do it in the Philippines.

4. Find time for leisure.

Being an OFW doesn’t mean that you have to work tirelessly during your entire stay abroad. If you don’t have the chance to go back home yet on your free time, explore the country where you’re working at. Do a quick research on where to go so you won’t get lost, especially when you aren’t very much familiar with the places, the rules, or the language they speak. If possible, find a buddy to join you.

5. Have your family send Pinoy goodies to you.

Though the OFW homesickness isn’t an easy dilemma to solve, let your loved ones help you overcome it. Have them share a part of their daily lives in the Philippines to you in the Middle East or whichever part of the world by asking them to send you food or stuff which would remind you of the Filipino life. Dried mangoes, bottled tuyo, bagoong, Ding Dong and Boy Bawang, Stik-O would surely solve the OFW homesickness all in a box.

To the Filipino families who have OFW relatives abroad, it isn’t difficult to help them out overcome homesickness because there are many ways to reach them. Aside from Facebook, 2GO Express and FedEx could help you bring the Filipino goodies that they’re craving for.

With over 176 2GO Express outlets with FedEx drop off counters nationwide, your padala would surely reach our kababayans abroad just in time when they need it the most.

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