5 Tips to Establish an Automotive Repair Business


We can’t lie about this: Automotive repair shops are a very competitive business. The more you are able to tackle in your shop with accuracy, the more high profile you’ll have. You just need to take a look at some TV shows these days where experienced mechanics become showmen earning thousands of dollars for sharing their knowledge for either repairing or customizing cars. Now we are not telling that you’ll be able to become the next Top Gear host by following this advice, but you’ll certainly have a prosperous business if you are able to set up shop and build a reputation that speaks volumes for your business. Let’s read on:

Trace a Strategy

Ask yourself the hard questions before beginning. The more specific they are, the more you’ll know exactly what you want. What are the types of services you are looking to provide? Maintenance? Repair? Restoration? Customizing? You can pick more than one, but in doing so you’ll need to invest more in the right equipment to provide a satisfactory service for your automotive repair business.

Make Yourself Visible

We are not talking about marketing strategies here. That comes later! If you make your business easy to spot, people will know where you are even without a GPS. Before setting up shop, find a good spot to make your business visible. Don’t forget the space you’ll need in your shop to handle the vehicles they take for you to fix!

Get the Right Tools

When you are setting up your automotive repair business the money you’ll invest must be focused on two mains aspects: one we already touched upon it (location) the other is the right tools you’ll need to do your job. Even the smallest automotive services need these basics: mechanic tools that can be bought on sets and by the lot. For expensive equipment, you can always ask help from business loan lender Discovery Credit. A diagnostic machine to help you locate engine failures and car lifts so you and your team of mechanics can work properly.  

Permits and Regulations

Every business should have the proper permits to work on location and be able to comply with regulations set up by government offices. You’ll be able to handle most of them with the help of a lawyer, but you can actually choose to do it by yourself and learn a thing or two about the legal system.

Advertising and Reputation

After you have most of the basics of this list covered you can now begin your marketing strategy. Always focus on what you are really are good at. Specialized businesses are a rarity these days, but they are very sought after by the people who actually know their vehicles and want them fixed by an expert. Keep a clean work ethic and that will speak more about you than any type of advertising that you pay for.