5 Useful Holiday Gift Ideas You Could Send to a Millennial

    Useful Holiday Gift

    A useful holiday gift isn’t easy to find because there are really lots of things you could give to a millennial. With so many things lined up on their wish lists, it could get extra stressful to shop in crowded malls and bazaars, given that this season is already stressful itself. To help you, here’s a roundup of useful holiday gifts you could give to a millennial this Christmas:

    Instant Polaroid Camera
    Make the holidays nostalgic by sending in an instant camera to print memories. Instant cameras are more affordable than digital cameras, but you need to have a supply of films to print those shots out. They’re easy to use and are fun-looking with the modern-vintage style. You may opt to buy Fujifilm Instax mini at around Php 3,000-8,000.

    2018 Planner
    It’s time to choose a planner for a better 2018! Ber months usually signal the time when all sorts of planners in different styles and sizes come out. Whether you’re up for collecting stickers to get the most-hyped planner from a known coffee shop or just to choose among the many designs from a bookstore, be sure to choose the most appropriate for the receiver’s lifestyle and needs. It’s surely a useful holiday gift for a well-planned year.

    White sneakers
    This is a timeless and useful holiday gift that you could give to anyone of any age. White sneakers could be paired with almost every outfit that’s why it’s a very useful gift. Remember to know your receiver’s shoe size so it could fit well on him/her. Prices of white sneakers usually cost around Php500-3,000 depending on the brand.

    Power bank
    It’s always a struggle to conserve your phone’s battery level without an accessible electrical outlet, right? Your BFF who’s always scrolling down on Instagram or your brother who reads emails even on late-night dinners deserve a power bank. A useful holiday gift is a power bank that’s handy with a capacity that suits the needs of your receiver, depending on his/her gadgets and usage.

    Travel kit
    The Millennial age has turned traveling into a hype. One of your friends is surely into beach tripping or city-hopping, so the best git that you could gift is a travel kit. Find a waterproof pouch that could fit a few pieces of clothing, a wallet, and a phone. Include a transparent toiletries pouch with small refillable bottles that are not more than 100ml (capacity for carry-on bags) with the essentials such as wipes, sunblock lotion, and alcohol spray.

    Your millennial friend or relative would surely love to receive any of these for this gift-giving season, as it is probably on their list, too. Wherever they are, there would be no excuse not to be able to send these gifts because there are express couriers in the Philippines who could do it for you. For your delivery needs, visit the nearest 2GO Express so you could deliver that most-awaited and well-deserved gift when it matters.