5 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are Changing Education

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are Changing Education | During the last few decades, we got a chance to witness some amazing advancements emerge in technologies. New software and devices have completely changed our everyday lives, including the way we learn. One of the biggest changes is the fact that teachers are now able to use artificial intelligence and chatbots in classrooms, creating a more personalized learning experience for their students. But what are the biggest changes these two technologies have brought along when it comes to education? Read on to find out.

Learning from home

We mentioned earlier that artificial intelligence and chatbots are now being used in classrooms. Although this is true, the traditional classroom is slowly being replaced by a virtual classroom and that’s where chatbots get a chance to excel. Not so long ago, you needed to have a teacher come over if you wanted to learn at home. Nowadays, there are chatbots that understand how tutoring systems operate and are able to help students acquire knowledge. All they need is a few quick tests and they’ll determine your level of understanding in order to be able to help you learn more.

Improved communication

Student-teacher communication outside the classroom is constantly becoming more important. This is something teachers have realized which is why they now use social media platforms to exchange files and provide students with additional information about the class. Experts in the education sector have detected the need for platforms specifically designed to improve student-teacher communication and many of these things rely on chatbots and artificial intelligence. This doesn’t only allow a better exchange of learning materials but opens up new opportunities when it comes to designing tests and assignments.

New online tutoring methods

With the digital office becoming a real thing, more and more students decide they want to work with an online tutor. For example, students who want to improve their level of English can now use a kinetic education tutoring solution and work with an English tutor in order to do so. The use of AI allows better interactive questions and offers skill-building games. The use of technology makes the tutor’s job much easier, also allowing them to spot the areas of the student’s knowledge that could use some improvement.

Improved student support

Every educational institution is expected to provide its students with quality student support. Up until now, students had to rely on the information on the institution’s website and navigate it themselves. Things have changed and chatbots are there to make the student’s job much easier. All they need to do is ask a chatbot a question and they’ll get either an answer or a link to the page where the answer can be found. This is especially important for first-year students who need some extra assistance such as online campus tours and help with the administration process.

The use of smart content

It’s safe to say AI and education go hand in hand. There are smart solutions to almost everything now and some of these have been specifically designed to help students attain better academic success. The content they’re provided with in the classroom is becoming smarter and can be used to create a more personalized learning experience for the student. For example, there are AIs that are able to make textbook content more comprehensible for a student and help them improve their knowledge. There’s also content which includes video lectures once the student reaches certain levels.

Although chatbots and AIs have already had a huge impact on the world of education, they’re still in their early days and we can expect them to have an even bigger impact in the future. Who knows what the next big thing in technology may be and how it will change the experience for both students and teachers?

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