5 Ways to Get Extra Funding for Your Local Sports Team

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Expenses are difficult to deal with on their own, but dealing with the expenses of an entire sports team is a completely different issue. The costs of training, equipment, travel, clothing, promotions, and many more can easily pile up and cast a shadow over the fun and camaraderie that the spirit of the sport promotes. There are, however, many different ways to financially support your local team. Put together more funding for your team with these creative fundraising ideas:


  • Custom T-Shirts


T-shirts are always easy to make, use, and sell. They can even be worn to sports events as a way to show support for the team! Create designs based on the team colors, logos, or mascot. You can even get your team to help out by having them sell or promote it at fundraising or sports events, or ask them to sign shirts when needed. Not only does it help with funding, it also gives the team a way to bond with the community that supports them and attends their games and events.


  • Custom Lanyards


Selling custom woven lanyards is another way to get extra funding for the team. This type of merchandise gives fans and supporters more ways to show their support. Custom lanyards can be worn anywhere t-shirts can’t, such as in schools where uniforms are required and in workplaces that call for less casual attires. Not only will customized lanyards show support for the team, but they can also be used to give the team extra exposure.


  • Car Wash


Hosting a car wash is a classic way of raising extra funds. Every busybody is welcome to the idea of a quick car wash on the go. All you need to do is gather all the cleaning supplies, head on over to a busy parking lot, and offer to wash cars. You can also set up a place and promote the event beforehand to make sure that you’ll have customers on that date. This has the potential of gaining new supporters for the sports team, as the team will be able to interact with more members of the local community. You can also opt to give out flyers to increase traffic to your car wash. This type of fundraiser can be done regularly or as a one-time event.


  • Dog Walking


Athletes are used to high-energy activities, so why not pair them up with equally high-energy beings—dogs! Dogs love long walks and need to expend their energy, and matching them up with athletes who need to exercise or increase their stamina is a great fundraising idea. It’s simple: put out posters and flyers promoting this activity, then go around offering dog walks in exchange for a small fee or donations. Just make sure that the dogs and their walkers are safe and having fun, and that the pooches are happily returned home exhausted after a few hours of exercise.


  • Partner with Food Trucks


Food trucks are really popular these days. They often sell burgers and pizzas, but they also reinvent classic snacks and dishes. Raise extra funds by partnering with them! This has dual benefits: first, your spectators and supporters will enjoy and appreciate the new refreshments and snacks, and second, food truck owners would love to expand their customer base by serving new people. Talk with the food truck owners to negotiate a price; you can even keep inviting them for future games!

Keeping a sports team together is hard work, but passion and love of the sport drives it and keeps everyone together. Having extra funds not only gives a sports team enough financial security to cover their needs, but also frees up more leg room for them to fully explore their passions and potential.