5 Ways to Get Your Parents to Talk with You About Assisted Living

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World Executives Digest | 5 Ways to Get Your Parents to Talk with You About Assisted Living | According to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), there are 28,900 assisted living communities in the US. That’s nearly one million licensed beds. 

In 2015, the number of people aged 65 and older was 47.8 million. That accounts for 14.9% of the entire US population. 

As seniors age, it sometimes becomes difficult for them to continue taking care of themselves. They may need medical supervision and around-the-clock care their children can’t provide for them. 

It’s often difficult, but learning to say to a parent, “I need to talk with you about your living situation” is best for everyone. Keep reading to learn five ways to speak with your parents about assisted living. 

1. Start With, “I Want to Talk with You”

While your parents may require more care than when they were younger, they aren’t children. This is an adult talk about adult matters so treat them as equals. 

You can begin by discussing options after a parent is injured or after a parent complains of having difficulties accomplishing certain tasks. Talk to them about how assisted living could provide them with a better quality of life. 

2. Get Your Siblings to Help

One way to learn how to discuss assisted living with your aging parent is to get your siblings involved. You can all approach this as a team effort and learn what their opinions are. 

You can then all come to an agreement on how to approach the subject. When it’s time to have the conversation, everyone should be involved in the group meeting. 

3. Take them on a Tour of the Facility

Assisted living offers independent living choices. And by taking your parents on a tour of the facility, they can see that for themselves. 

Many parents may have the memory of their own grandparents living in a nursing home. When they discover modern facilities look and feel more like retirement communities, many of their fears may be allayed. 

They’ll see what activities are available such as dancing and bingo. They’ll also get a good sense of what the environment is truly like. 

4. Listen to What They Say

Losing your independence isn’t easy for anyone. They may feel frightened and angry about losing their quality of life.

Listen to what they have to say. It’s still their life and their opinion matters. 

It will be much easier if they’re equally involved in the decision process on everyone. They also deserve to maintain their independence and dignity, even when facing new life changes. 

5. Review Their Finances

Take a look at your parent’s finances. Knowing they can afford an assisted living residence before you make any sudden decisions will help everyone make the right choice. 

Find a Senior Living Placement Specialist to help you gain a complete understanding of the costs and services available in nearby communities. Review everything with them and make sure you all understand what costs are separate. 

Make Sure They’re as Healthy as Possible

Whether you’re living with your parents or not, make sure they’re as healthy as possible. Ask them to talk with you about their medicines and which doctors they see. 

Don’t forget that dental care is just as vital to their overall health as medical care. Check the Health section of our blog to learn more. 

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