5 Ways To Improve Your Value in the Job Market Online

5 Ways To Improve Your Value in the Job Market Online 2020 - World Executives Digest
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World Executives Digest| 5 Ways To Improve Your Value in the Job Market Online |Finding a new or better job is a challenge that can have you filling out endless applications and waiting for the phone to ring. It is all about how valuable you and your skills are in the job market, and sometimes it can be difficult to stand out enough for your value to be noticed. There are several things you can do between applications to better market your skills to companies and you may not even have to log off your computer to do them.

Research Your Ideal Career and Field

Each career and field will have different requirements in terms of education, skills and experience which you can develop to make yourself a better job candidate. These careers will also have benefits and challenges that you should be aware of before applying. For example, in the healthcare industry you can help people and find steady work, but you will need to be physically in shape and prepared for long hours on your feet, heavy lifting and potentially sad outcomes. The more you research your ideal career, the better you can prepare yourself and your resume to fit the demands of the job.

Get Related Certificates and Degrees

The number one thing driving successful job searches is education in the right areas. This does not always have to be college degrees as technical or professional certifications can also be required for the job. You can earn your master’s degree in higher education administration online as well as take courses for software, accounting and law certifications over the internet. You can also look into local trade schools or community colleges to brush up on skills and take certification tests.

See Yourself and Your Skills as a Product

Seeing yourself and your skills as marketable products can help you determine which areas need improvement and which are already in demand. This can help you continue to develop yourself after securing that dream job to turn it into a career. Find the skills most in demand in your field and take steps to develop those through education and practice. It is especially important to practice your interview and communication skills as well as treat a phone interview as you would an in-person one. Dress in the same manner you would to meet face-to-face, make sure you are in a quiet room without interruptions or distractions and take advantage of interviews for positions you may not want as practice for the ones you do.

Develop Expertise and Experience

Developing expertise and experience in a field without a related job can seem impossible, but it can be easier than you think. You can keep track of industry trends through your network and through online journals or blogs. When you find a niche innovation that interests you, delve into researching and understanding it. This knowledge can establish you as an expert during an interview and be the thing that pushes you over the top. When you cannot find a job in your industry to help you gain expertise and experience, then volunteering in the field can help. Volunteering can even give you a foot in the door for a permanent position, help the community and increase your industry contacts.

Find a Mentor and Network

A mentor and a network are both important tools for getting a job in your field. A mentor can help you choose and develop related skills, keep an eye out for openings that you would be great for and help you shape your career after landing the job. Your mentor is part of your larger industry contact network which you can develop through professional sites, social media and industry events. The stronger your network, the more opportunities you can hear about and get a jump on.

Marketing yourself to companies for a job is difficult and time-consuming work, but it can help you develop yourself and your career into something to be proud of. By constantly working to improve your marketability, you can show companies in your industry that you have the skills to add value to their business and stand out from other applicants.

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