5 Ways to Keep a Tight Hold on the Security of Your Restaurant


Sarah Williams, World Executives Digest |  Keep a Tight Hold on the Security of Your Restaurant | As fancy as it may look with all the beautiful interior decorations and the impeccable cutlery and an elaborate menu, managing a restaurant is a tough job. There are loads of things that are supposed to be managed by a restaurant’s owner right from managing the dining to the kitchen and what not! Not only this, one major task that is at the hands of the owner is to keep up with the quality of the restaurant and making regular additions and modifications with the menu so that your customers always find something different and new to relish.

But when you look beyond the management of these aspects of the restaurant there is another important thing that is to be considered and that is the security. There are multiple reasons as to why a restaurant’s security is so crucial for not just the customer but also for the staff of the restaurant. For an owner, it is extremely important to take care of his employees and make complete arrangements for their security. Also, the entire inventory, the cash and other valuable possessions are to be kept safely in the restaurant.

The first and foremost thing that must be done by any restaurant owner is to hire a security service that can provide you with capable door supervisors who can take care of the restaurant’s main entrance and not let any fugitive enter the place. But this is the bare minimum these days. A lot of other safety measures are required to keep your restaurant safe and not let any mishap occur. Let us see a few of them.

Installation of an alarm system- having an alarm system in your restaurant can prove to be your best friend since it will give you an immediate alert about anything suspicious happening in the restaurant. You can manage the security of the restaurant, staff and its assets even when you are not present. Your alarm will let you know if any intruder tried to barge into your restaurant or about any commotion that occurred in the kitchen. With these systems you will know where exactly did the problem occur and let you know how to handle it.

Video surveillance cameras- this is another very efficient way to keep an eye on the security of the restaurant. What is more important is how strategically you place the cameras in the restaurant so that you can monitor the entire restaurant efficiently. Cameras should definitely be present at the exits and entrances and near the reception. This will help you diminish employee theft and also help you keep a record of such incidents and help the investigating agencies if such a scenario arises.

Installation of high security locking systems- there are a several options present in the market that will enable you to install high security locks at the restaurant which will not let any burglar get away with trying to break open your restaurant. There are also options of installing high security grills on the doors and windows so that no one can force himself inside the restaurant by breaking the window panes.

Dealing with the cash- in a restaurant, there is always a constant inflow of cash, making the place highly prone to theft and burglary. You must deal with your cash judiciously. One of the leading security experts, OGS Group, advises restaurant owners to deposit the cash in the bank on a daily basis so that not much is kept in the restaurant locker. If you are using a POS terminal, keep changing the timing of cash removal to ensure greater security.

Using an inventory control system- an inventory control system will help you manage the inventory of your restaurant and also highlight any shortages in the system which can point out to a possible theft by a staff member. It will not only reduce your workload but also help in keeping a check on any employee thefts.