5 Ways To Manage and Encourage Your Remote Workforce

5 Ways To Manage and Encourage Your Remote Workforce 2020 - World Executives Digest
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World Executives Digest| 5 Ways To Manage and Encourage Your Remote Workforce |No matter where your employees work, you care about them and the work they do. Whether you have been affected by the recent events or you have always worked digitally, a remote workforce has different needs than a regular team would have. There are many benefits to working online. Employees have more freedom and can work from their houses. However, there are also many challenges that arise from working together digitally.

The less time spent in the office may alienate you from those you work with, and efficiency may decrease. Never fear, there are many solutions when it comes to managing and supporting those you work with, even online. Here are some of the best practices you can incorporate into your company.

  1. Track Time

Even though you can’t be with your employees, you can help them be productive. There are many distractions when working at home, let alone the limited resources that each employee has. You can help employees be transparent and honest with their work hours by using a time clock app with GPS. These types of apps are very useful and can be easily downloaded on a phone, computer or tablet.

A manager can keep an eye on the hours that have been checked, and they can also check the GPS  to see the routes workers have taken and where they used their house. Having an app like this can build an extra layer of trust and help workers be accountable. The employee can easily track time with an app without it being a hassle.

It can also help them know how much time they are actually using to complete their tasks. It’s a win-win for both sides.

  1. Communicate Often

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of a remote workforce is the feeling of isolation workers can get. They face computers rather than people, making it harder to connect with coworkers and managers.

You can counteract this feeling of isolation by communicating often and effectively. Take advantage of the video chat services available and have meetings where you can see everyone’s face and speak to them. Use email as well and other forms of communication to help stay on the same page as everyone.

With more communication, your workers can feel appreciated by you. It’s important to build a level of unity within your team. Not only will this help everyone work together and stay productive, but it can make work become an enjoyable experience, even when working remotely.

When you communicate, help employees feel comfortable sharing concerns and bringing up questions when they have them.

  1. Make It Fun

Even though you don’t see your employees in person, you can still make their jobs fun and exciting. Host incentives to help boost morale, and thrown in a few contests that can get employees excited and interested.

Also, seek to know those you work with. What interests do they have? Help them feel comfortable being themselves during virtual meetings. If you don’t know where to start with incentives, send out a few surveys to know what your workers think.

Ask them what kinds of things will motivate them and how they feel about the company right now.

  1. Use Goals

Because you’ll have fewer chances to check in on workers, help them know what you are expecting or need from them. Create company goals that everyone can work towards throughout the week. If you want, try having daily or weekly meetings where you can all check in with each other.

Have written guidelines that workers can reference when they feel unsure about what is expected of them. Try to use as much technology as you can to make work smoother and easier. Don’t forget to encourage workers to interact with one another.

They can help and motivate each other, especially as they begin to trust their team members more. Get creative as you seek ways to help your remote workforce. There are many things you can do to boost morale and build trust within your company.

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