6 Healthy Ideas for Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Lucia Vanderbilt, World Executives Digest | 6 Healthy Ideas for Corporate Gifting | Each year, the World Health Organization publishes its annual health statistics report which is eagerly awaited by health care professionals across the globe.

Like the previous years, the findings are intense this year too, reiterating the need to focus on human health.

Cardiovascular diseases are no more behind the maximum number of deaths, the report said. In fact, the number of people affecting from Cancer has shot up drastically. This is especially in high income economies where the gross national income per capita is US$12,236 or more. 

Though what’s encouraging, is the fact that more deaths are recorded now than they were a decade ago. This means that we are relatively equipped better than before. To be able to take control measures, we must know what is making people sick, the report added.

Heath issues are on the rise. A lot of it has to do with the modern day lifestyle which is largely dominated by technology and everyday technological inventions.

Interestingly, our focus on health and fitness is greater than ever, mainly due to rise in the number of ailments and detection of new diseases in the recent times.

Though it is good to see the trend, however as much as people are focusing on healthy foods and diet, they also need to embrace a life, free of gadgets and mobile devices.

Corporates too have gone intelligent and are willing to invest in gift ideas that are healthier in nature. Its simple, when you can buy healthier gifts in the same budget and category, then why go for something which is offering nothing more than the aesthetic value?

Moreover, corporate gifting is not bound to annual events. Be it a new deal or felicitating an employee, maintaining cordial relation with clients and customers is the essence of corporate world. So they have to keep the brand merchandize ready at all times of the year.

Today, we take a look at some amazing ideas for healthy corporate gifting. And why just corporates, we ALL love candies, isn’t it?

Nothing like it if they are sugar free 😉