6 MacBook Pro Tips for Beginners

6 MacBook Pro Tips for Beginners Free Movie Apps for Mac and iPhone Tips to Improve Productivity in Your Business 2020 - World Executives Digest
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worldexecutivesdigest.com/ | 6 MacBook Pro Tips for Beginners | MacBook laptops are popular and for good reason. They’re functional, stylish, and easy to slip into a bag for work, school, or even getting some work done at a coffee shop or bar. 

If you’ve got a new MacBook, are you aware of its potential?

There are several tips and tricks that you can use with your new device that you may not be aware of. This is especially true if you’re not the type to use a manual Don’t worry; we can relate!

Today, we’ve got a few good MacBook Pro tips for beginners that you can use to your advantage. 

Keep reading to learn how to use a MacBook and some of our favorite MacBook Pro tips and tricks that can help you use your computer to its full potential.

  1. Easy Screenshots

Sometimes you want to capture your screen to show something to a friend or get help with a difficult assignment. 

On a MacBook, taking screenshots is easier than ever. You can even hone in on the exact part of the screen that you want meaning that there’s less annoying cropping on your end. Just screenshot and go!

To take a full-screen screenshot, just press command+shift+3. This will take a picture of everything that you can see on your screen, so make sure that everything is safe to be shared!

To take a more specific picture, just move over one key and press command+shift+4. A crosshair will appear that you can drag over and resize to the exact area that you want to capture. 

Everything will be saved to your desktop, so make sure to clear those out once in a while.  

  1. Easily Transfer Between Apple Devices

If you’re not new to the Apple ecosystem you already have an Apple product or 2 that you use daily. 

Transferring files between normal computers and your phone or tablet can be annoying, right? Sometimes they’re too big or they use a card or saving system that one of the devices can’t support.

Emailing files to yourself works okay, but sometimes they’re too big and it’s also a bit of a process. Why not cut down your time to make your workflow faster? 

You can airdrop on a MacBook! When you want to share a file, right-click on it and hover over the “share” option. If you have another Apple item within range, click on “airdrop” and activate your other device. You should be able to send the file right over.

This works with photos, PDFs, and more. 

  1. Work In Split-Screen

Are you tired of doing assignments and tabbing back and forth between your references and your work? Maybe you need to have files or emails open while you’re also typing up something important, or maybe you’re using a drawing reference while you’re also in an illustration program. 

How can you make this work when you only have one screen? Not everyone has multiple monitors

Enabling split screens is easy. 

Open up both things that you need to see. They should open up in a windowed mode. 

Next, hit the little green button that’s in the top left. This will bring it to a screen that fills the entire page, or fullscreen. You might have to hover your pointer over the top left corner to make the button appear. 

Press alt+f3 to bring up mission control and see the apps or windows lined up. Drag the two that you want to work on next to each other. Then drag the one on the right over the one on the left.

This should enable a split-screen mode. 

  1. Use Spotlight

There’s a handy-dandy function on your MacBook that can search your computer and the internet at once, making research a breeze. 

Press alt+space to bring up a search bar in the middle of your screen. What is it for? 

This is Spotlight. Type whatever you need into the bar and find it regardless of whether it’s on the web or already saved to your computer. If you have to unzip files on a Mac for a project it only takes seconds to find them and learn how to do it all from one feature. 

Bonus: You can do currency conversions with Spotlight too. Type in a money amount (with the dollar sign) and popular conversions will pop up right away. It’s never been easier to calculate conversions!

  1. Accent Marks

When you’re writing an assignment or sending an email, you might need to incorporate accent marks now and again. Whether you have a colleague or friend with an accent in their name or you’re writing in a different language, sometimes the marks are essential

There’s an easy way to bring the marks up when you’re using a MacBook, no copy and pasting required. 

If you need an accent mark, hold down the key of the letter that the accent needs to go on. A selection of accent options will appear for you to choose from. For example, if I need to use “ñ” I hold the “n” key down and that option appears right above the letter. 

So convenient! 

  1. Learn As You Go

When you come across a word, name, or phrase that you’re unfamiliar with, you don’t need to leave your screen to figure out what it means. When you leave your work even for a second it’s easy to get distracted. Prevent that by doing this instead.

Hover over the thing in question and press command+control+D. This is going to bring up a dictionary definition (if applicable) and a Wikipedia page so you get quick answers to your queries. 

Never get distracted by Google search traps again. 

Are These MacBook Pro Tips for Beginners Helpful?

When you get a new device there’s so much new information to absorb! You may never realize how much you can do with your MacBook. 

With these MacBook Pro tips for beginners, you can make your workflow quicker, easier, and more intuitive. Have fun with your new device!

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